4 Tips for Choosing a Pallet Supply Company

If your business depends on wooden pallets for handling, storing or transporting goods, then it’s crucial to stay on top of your supply. Here are four things to consider when choosing a pallet supply company for your business and you can also learn about combo pallets in this blog.

1. Full-Service
The company you choose should not only manufacture pallets but also offer delivery service. A company that also provides pick-up and recycling services to its customers is an excellent option. You need high-quality pallets to meet your business needs, but they shouldn’t clutter your space or warehouse when they get worn out. Avoid this by choosing a full-service pallet supply company.

2. Pallet Quality
Whether you’re purchasing brand new, used, or remanufactured pallets, not all pallets are equal.  Recycled pallets usually have a grade indicating the pallet’s specifications and quality. However, this grading pallets system usually varies from one state to another and between different suppliers. The pallet supply company should assure you that the grade A pallet you get will be of the same type and quality across the board.

3. Consolidated Billing and Reporting
A good pallet supply company should be able to provide you with consolidated billing and reporting. Billing and reporting can be challenging when handling invoices from several different suppliers under one contract.

Choosing a larger pallet supply company with several branches across the country will simplify the billing and reporting process since all locations will utilize the same systems and processes. Before you sign any deal, ask your prospective supplier if they’ll provide you with one invoice, a single set of reports, and a single point of contact.

4. Exceptional Customer Service
Your business can’t wait, and slow pallet services can negatively affect your bottom line. The best pallet supply company should provide same-day delivery on standard pallets. The company should treat its customers as a priority.

Before you choose a particular supplier, be sure to find out how they respond to last-minute orders. Does the company have the capacity to get you what you need within a specified period? How many calls does it take to get the pallet services you need?

You want a responsive company that has its own vehicles to ensure efficient last-minute deliveries. A pallet supplier company that relies on third-party freight companies to deliver your orders can be frustrating when it comes to last-minute deliveries.

Get a Reliable Pallet Supplier in Tennessee
While it can be challenging, picking the right pallet supply company will ensure your products are safe during storage and transportation. We hope this article will help you the next time you need to find a pallet supplier for your business.

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What Should You Spend on Your Pallets

Pallets are an integral component in the logistics of many businesses. They serve as bases for storing, assembling, handling, and transporting goods as unit loads. They protect the products contained in them, and the bottom deck prevents damage to the palletized goods. But how much should you expect to pay for your pallets? Read on to find out.

Wooden Pallets Pricing

While there are several types of pallets, wooden pallets are the most popular, boasting at least 90% of the market share. When it comes to buying wooden pallets, the cost will vary depending on various factors, such as:

● Wood type: You can choose from either softwood or hardwood pallets. Softwoods are much more readily available, so they’re usually less expensive than their hardwood counterparts.
● New vs. used: If you’re tight on budget, consider buying used pallets as they’re usually cheaper than new ones. If you’re looking for less expensive but strong pallets, consider going for premium or grade A pallets. Premium pallets are hardly used, while grade A pallets may have been repaired but are as good as new.
● Treated vs. non-treated: If you plan to ship your products across borders, you’ll need heat-treated pallets, which cost more than non-treated. You can save money by using non-treated pallets for domestic shipping. You can expect to pay $10 to $12 each for new treated wood pallets and $8 to $10 for untreated ones.

● Pallet size: Pallets are available in various sizes. If you have bulky or oddly-shaped goods that can’t fit in standard-sized pallets, you may need to pay more for custom-designed pallets.

Budgeting for Wooden Pallets

Whether you choose to buy new or used wooden pallets, treated or non-treated pallets, standard or custom-sized pallets, you’re purchasing a reliable product to store and transport your goods. However, it can be challenging to quote the exact pallet prices since they vary from one supplier to another.

According to Pallet Profile Weekly, you can expect to pay $10 to $12.50 for a standard 48” x 40” new GMA pallet depending on your geographic location. Heavy-duty, block-style pallets will set you back at least $25 each.

If you’re tight on budget, you might want to consider buying recycled pallets. You can expect to pay at least $4 each for No. 2 recycled 48” x 40” wooden pallets, while the cost of No. 1 recycled pallets ranges between $5 and $7.50.
You can save money on your pallet purchases by buying in bulk from companies that offer discounts when you purchase at least a specified minimum number of pallets.


Find High-quality Wooden Pallets at Affordable Prices

It’s always advisable to buy your pallets from reputable manufacturers and suppliers. If you’re looking for wooden pallets at competitive prices in Tennessee, look no further than Unaka Forest Products.

We are a trusted wooden pallet manufacturer in Tennessee. We use high-quality wood and a specialized pallet manufacturing process to ensure you get the best value for your money. Get in touch with Unaka Forest Products today for dependable pallets at affordable prices.

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