The Most Common Wood Species For Pallets

Wooden pallets have been around for centuries and have been used for everything from transportation to storage. There are many different types of wood that can be used for pallets, but some are more common than others.

The type of wood used depends upon the intended purpose of the pallet, as well as the geographical region where it will be used.

What are Wooden Pallets?

Before we talk about “The most common species of wooden pallets.” Let’s talk about what pallets are in the first place. 

Pallets are frames that are made to store and lift goods. They are hard and stable frames that can bear a lot of weight, as they are made to serve this particular purpose. You may have seen them in big stores or warehouses where they are either stacked or loaded with goods. They are moved by forklifts. They are made in a specific structure that allows forklifts to lift them up easily.

Common Uses of Pallets

Pallets are used in storing and moving goods. It is the primary method used by warehouses and businesses to move their products. They are also a great way to store goods and materials.

There are various types of pallets available in the market, each made of different materials.


Many companies use wood pallets because they are strong and can carry a lot of weight. They are also easy to find and relatively cheap.


Some businesses use plastic or metal pallets because they are easier to clean and don’t harbor as much bacteria as wood pallets. However, these materials can be more expensive than wood.

The Most Common

Wooden or Plastic Pallets?

This is a huge debate in the pallet industry as to which is better. There are pros and cons to each type of pallet. It really depends on the intended use of the pallet and the preferences of the company using them.

For example, some companies might prefer wooden pallets because they are more affordable. Others might prefer plastic pallets because they are easier to clean and don’t harbor as much bacteria.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing between wooden or plastic pallets. It really depends on the needs of the company using them. But in recent times, with the carbon footprint of the world being a huge concern, plastic pallets are slowly becoming obsolete as companies are trying to find more sustainable options.

Wooden pallets are the most common type of pallets used today. They are strong, easy to find, and relatively affordable. Companies can also recycle or upcycle wooden pallets when they are no longer needed, which makes them a more sustainable option than plastic pallets.

The Most Common Wood Species for Wooden Pallets:

Coming to the main point of discussion, the most common wood species are Hardwood and Softwood.


Hardwoods are the wood species that are categorized as hardwoods not because they are hard. While in fact, as compared to softwoods, they are harder. But still, it is not the reason for their characterization, this characterization is based on the type of tree they come from. Hardwoods are the woods that come from the dicot trees.

While in the case of softwoods, Softwoods are the woods that come from gymnosperm trees.

The most common wood species in this regard are Oak, Ash, and Hickory.


Oak is hardwood. It is strong, durable, and resistant to any unfavorable conditions. They are very much reliable. The pallets made up of Oakwood are hard and strong. This is best for businesses dealing with hard, bulky, and heavy items. These businesses need something that is hard enough to bear the most possible weight. These businesses cannot bear the breaking of any pallets while loading. 

Oak woods are comparatively costly and also a bit heavy in weight.


Ash wood is also a type of hardwood, yet they are still a little different from Oak woods. In terms of characteristics, both are much different from each other. They are light-colored. They usually come in beige or light brown color. Which gives them a very different look as compared to other types of hardwood. They are aesthetically pleasing, for which it makes little sense for them to be used in stores that are rich in aesthetics, which can be clothing brands etc.

When businesses of these kinds would have even pallets that are not off to the vibe, it would be much more pleasing to the eyes. It also absorbs stains and is considered one of the most durable woods as it is a part of the hardwood family.


In comparison with Ash, Hickory is not that aesthetically pleasing but still, it is one of the most common wood species for pallets. 

 It is the most durable wood. It is said to bear almost anything on this earth. Whether it is weather conditions or load or earthquakes. It can survive almost any hardships. It is Strong and rusty in appearance. Which makes it useful in extreme and tough kinds of situations. It is in that sense, muchly more favorable for the businesses that deal with the heaviest of the items, which can be construction businesses.


In the case of softwood, the most common species are; Pine and Fir.

Pine Pallets:

Pine is the most popular example of softwood. They are one of the most common wood species for pallets as they are stiff and shock resistant. So, any businesses that would be dealing with lightweight products can use them for pallets. But one may ask this question if one can buy hardwoods that can bear almost any type of weight, why would anyone buy pine or any other softwood?

This question is purely legitimate but pine is less costly and hardwoods especially oak are very costly. So, if it is not a compulsion for a business to use hardwood pallets why not use softwood pallets that can perform similar tasks without spending more. 

Pine is also a light color which means it does not look rusty. It is flexible as compared to hardwood which makes it shock resistant and ultimately a good choice for pallets to lift more lightweight items at a time.


It is also a type of softwood. It resists natural elements such as; winds, storms, and earthquakes. It is shock resistant, flexible, and durable.

As it is a softwood it can easily get damaged. It is soft and can bear weight only to a certain limit beyond which it will break for sure. It is commonly used in construction projects.

How to Decide as a Business?

As it is mentioned every type of wood has certain advantages and disadvantages as well. This means a certain type of wood can be useful in certain businesses but at the same time not worthy enough in any other kind of business. So, any business while deciding should check their needs, demands, and circumstances as well. They should check which type of wood will suit their demands. In that sense, it would become much easier to decide.

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Benefits of Storing Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets are a valuable asset for any warehouse or logistics service. Not only does it move the products or goods in and out of the building, but they also actually move the business. Storing wooden pallets has its uses and as we know it, it becomes an investment for the future. Businesses are now opting for cost-friendly and environmentally safe solutions to their warehouse problems and wood pallets are the answer. So, what are the benefits of storing wooden pallets? environmentally safe solutions to their warehouse problems and wood pallets are the answer. So, what are the benefits of storing simple and combo wooden pallets?

Post-Pandemic Demand and Supply

There are many factors to keep in mind including the economic conditions, especially the global demand and supply of lumber pallets during the pandemic. With e-commerce reaching heights over the last few years, demand for wooden pallets picked up and so, there have been consequent supply chain issues that had a direct influence on the wood pallet availability. Wooden pallets are the linchpin of any supply chain, and it basically moves the global market. Storing wooden pallets in volatile market conditions is a good decision for businesses to cater to the needs of their clients.


The future is green. Businesses and various other industries are opting for organic ways to reduce carbon footing and wooden pallets play an important role. Lumber, it is safe to say, leaves little or no carbon footing and is eco-friendly. Lumber is also sustainable. Plastic pallets may have their uses, but their constituents leave a damaging impact on the environment thus encouraging numerous businesses to choose what is best for their future initiatives, and storing wooden pallets will become a prudent investment during those times.

Wooden Pallets and Their Cost Efficiency

If the past few years have taught us anything it is that we should always be prepared for the unexpected. Along with the supply and demand shift, fuel prices have also soared given the circumstances. Storing wooden pallets here has its major benefit since wooden pallets have an advantage over other materials in the terms of cost on your pallets. In comparison, wooden pallets are inexpensive, and they are used globally due to their affordability. Although lumber prices have surged, wooden pallets still have an edge over their counterparts. There is no extra or hidden cost for storing wooden pallets.

Storing Wooden Pallets and Holiday Seasons

Holiday seasons bring in a huge influx of demand for wooden pallets. Used for displaying products including food, pallets are on top of the list of every business. Storing wooden pallets for these occasions means meeting the demand of the customers on time. Using smart decisions on time is necessary to deal with the customers and this is the best opportunity to utilize the stored pallets.

Recycling and Reusing Wooden Pallets

As it has been said, wooden pallets can be reused and recycled, but how can they be connected to storing them? The answer is clear, in case of wear and tear or any other unprecedented events, the pallets can be used for other purposes because they are never entirely rendered useless. Recycling and reusing the wooden pallets in storage offers other opportunities to the clients that can be worthwhile because not only are the wooden pallets crucial for logistics purposes only but they are also used by several others such as furniture or food industries for crafting and displaying their own products.

The Durability of Wooden Pallets

Pallets from Unaka made with wood have a longer life span as studies suggest so storing them will have no adverse effect on the quality of the pallets. They have amazing strength to withstand any weight and are a good choice to ship bulk loads of goods The material used for making wooden pallets i.e., lumber, is known for its durability and sturdiness.

Storing Wood Pallets in a Proper Place

The only threat to the wood pallets is excessive water and damp conditions. The pallets should be kept in a dry place so as not to compromise on their quality and standard. Storing the pallets in bulk quantity means ensuring that they are maintained well for supply.

Wooden Pallet Is Easy to Repair

Like any other materials such as plastic or steel, wood pallets are also prone to accidents. However, this does not mean that their maintenance costs extra, in fact, wood pallets are easy to repair and the cost of doing so is affordable in case of any damage. Lumber itself is recognized as a material that can easily be repaired. There is no requirement for extra labor to fix the damages when it can be done by oneself.

How to Store Plastic Pallets

Plastic pallets are not as commonly used as wooden pallets, but they still have their own share of benefits. They are lighter in weight and do not need extra support to hold the load. Plastic pallets are also easy to clean and can be reused multiple times.

When it comes to storing plastic pallets, one must be careful to not expose them to extreme heat or cold as this can damage the material. They should also be kept away from sharp objects to avoid any punctures.

It is advisable to store plastic pallets in a dry and shady place so that they do not get damaged by the sun or rain.

How to Store Metal Pallets

A metal pallet can be made from either aluminum or steel. They are mostly used for storing heavy loads as they can support a lot more weight. Metal pallets are also fireproof and are not affected by changes in temperature.

The main thing to keep in mind while storing metal pallets is to prevent them from rusting. This can be done by keeping them clean and dry. They should also be stored in a cool and ventilated place so that the heat does not damage them.

Storing Wooden Pallets in Warehouses

Wooden pallets are the backbone of a warehouse and major operations cannot be conducted properly without the support of the pallets. The products are stacked on wooden pallets and there are various methods present that allow the warehouse staff to store the pallets resourcefully. Some of these include block stacking, stacking frame single, deep pallet rack, and double deep rack.

Should the Pallets Be Stored Inside or Outside?

It comes as no surprise when the question arises whether to store the pallets inside or outside as it has a significant effect on the workflow of any business. When storing the wooden pallets outside, it is important to note that the pallets are exposed to several elements such as exposure to direct sunlight or moisture which greatly affects the quality of the wooden pallets. There is always a risk of weather damage, but it does save valuable warehouse space inside. If the wooden pallets are stored inside, it must be noted that they are more vulnerable to an accidental fire in the warehouse, and if stacked near the fire sprinklers, they can prevent water from spraying in case of fire. The only method to ensure their safety is by following the guidelines.


Storing wooden pallets as compared to their counterparts offers more benefits than any other materials. It offers more opportunities in the future when more businesses are opting for eco-friendly programs. Holiday seasons are a good time for utilizing the stored wooden pallets and especially during the times of surging demand for wooden pallets.

If you’re searching for resilient and enduring wooden pallet manufacturers in East Tennessee, you’ve come to the right place. We have accumulated 40 years of successful experience and customer satisfaction, and we provide you with top-notch services and wood products. Unaka Forest Products has an exceptional product range that caters to your unique requirements and preferences, whether wooden pallets, precut lumber, biofuel chips, or landscape mulch. We also sell organic wooden mulch, precut lumber, and biofuel. Contact us today for the best quality wooden pallets.!

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