5 Compelling Reasons To Buy Pallets From Unaka

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5 Compelling Reasons To Buy Pallets From Unaka

If you own a business that either ships or receives goods, you know the importance of buying pallets. Nowadays, very few companies still make their own wooden pallets. In fact, if your company has made its own pallets in the past year or so, it is likely that it was simply out and old ones not used anymore. However, making your own combo wooden pallets can put a huge dent in your bottom line and eat away at your profits.

In addition to being expensive and time-consuming, cutting down trees and sawing them into pieces takes away from what should be spent on other aspects of a business such as marketing, advertising, and sales endeavors.

It’s true that most companies rely upon local suppliers to provide them with pallets on a regular basis. However, the problem is that it can be difficult to find quality pallets at an affordable price.

According to solid research conducted by Unaka, most local suppliers are selling worn-out and used pallets because they cannot sell these items in other parts of the country. This practice of only offering low-quality options means that many companies have no other choice but to buy used pallets if they want any at all. This blog consists of everything you need to know about wooden pallets.

Here are 3 reasons why you should buy pallets from Unaka:

1. Our Pallets are a great way to store and move items

In fact, a pallet is the best way to transport large items without damaging them. It’s true that most businesses will have to invest in specialized forklifts and trucks, but it isn’t every day you’ll be called to move heavy machinery from one place to another. 

However, the benefits of moving all these items are far too great for companies not to have this option available. Likewise, if you’re transporting small products like books or bags of flour, pallets are also ideal because there is less risk of any spillage during transit. Also, consider how much time would be saved by loading up and storing an entire truck at once instead of having to stop and continue loading after each item has been placed inside the vehicle.

2. Our Pallets are strong and durable

When you buy pallets from Unaka, you know that what you’re getting is the real deal. These pallets have been screened thoroughly so they can withstand extreme punishment. A pallet will be able to perform for many years to come without suffering any damages or significant wear and tear. Even if your business involves transporting heavy machinery, vehicles, or other bulky items on a regular basis, there is no way a pallet will break under pressure.

Strong wooden pallets can help you increase the efficiency of your business. Instead of spending a lot of time and energy on more difficult tasks, you can spend more time concentrating on other aspects such as marketing, quality assurance, or making sure the customer service department is always available to provide assistance when needed.

4. Our Pallets are sustainable

The last thing any company would want to do is buy something that will break after only a few uses. When you use pallets for your business needs, you can be sure that these items are very environmentally friendly. They have been designed to last for many years and they pose no threat whatsoever to our natural resources or existing environment throughout the world. In fact, if ever there were an item that did not contribute to climate change in any way, pallets would be the perfect example.

In addition to being renewable and sustainable, pallets are also biodegradable. Of course, it is good for customers to know that they are not buying products that will cause more harm than good to our planet in the future.

5. Our Pallets are made from the best wood

Unaka buys all its pallets from a certified supplier that only uses the highest-quality wood to make sure you get the very best.

Recycled wooden pallets are also a good option for various purposes. In fact, when you purchase one of these pallets, you have purchased the last one your business will ever need! Also, if you search our site for ‘pallets’, we have many sizes in stock and ready to ship. 


If you’re searching for resilient and enduring wooden pallet manufacturers in East Tennessee, you’ve come to the right place. We have accumulated 40 years of successful experience and customer satisfaction, and we provide you with top-notch services and wood products. Unaka Forest Products has an exceptional product range that caters to your unique requirements and preferences, whether wooden pallets, precut lumber, biofuel chips, or landscape mulch. We also sell organic wooden mulch, precut lumber, and biofuel. Contact us today for the best quality wooden pallets.

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