5 Things You Never Knew About Wooden Pallets

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You might be surprised at how many lives a wooden pallet can lead. From the factory to the warehouse, to the truck, and onto your store shelves, here are five things you never knew about a humble piece of wood that’s as inexpensive as it is eco-friendly.

Pallets Are Older Than You Think… By Quite A Few Years.

Originally made from oak, for centuries wood pallets were used to build ships. After decades of seeing service at sea, the wooden pallets would eventually make their way back to land and into use as industrial shipping containers. It wasn’t until 1906 that a Nevada-based company first patented the modern-day version of this cost-effective material.

This early design’s many iterations evolved into the pallets you see today, which are sturdy enough for use with almost any type of load.

“According to the National Wooden Pallet & Container Association, nearly $200 billion worth of products finds their way onto pallets each year.”

Wooden Pallets Aren’t Always Wooden

You probably didn’t know that not all pallets are made out of wood, in fact, the alternative is pretty common as well. The most popular alternatives include plywood and chipboard which can be used to make pallets containers, or even plastic ones! But try to avoid plastic, largely because it’s not worth your time or money.

Some of the most durable wooden pallets are made of oak, a valuable but tough wood that is also resistant to mold, and many other things which can destroy even the strongest pallets.

They’re Extremely Durable

Aside from the usual wear and tear, wooden pallets tend to last in excess of 20 years. When it comes time for replacement, often a new life can be found for the old one with second-hand goods stores, scrap metal companies, or even as kindling! You can even get them custom-made for special projects, as long as you’re willing to pay.

It doesn’t matter if they’ve been exposed to extreme conditions such as desert heat or ocean moisture, wooden pallets are very likely to make it through all of this in one piece. In fact, many shipping companies require that their cargo arrives in wooden pallets. Since they’re recyclable, that makes them highly safe for the environment.

Pallets Are Versatile

Well, they make great bases for picnic tables but did you know that wooden pallets are used for a lot more than carrying goods? Wooden pallets are recyclable which makes them highly versatile. In fact, you can find them in homes, cars, boats, and even art galleries. Pallets are used for many purposes! It all depends on how you use them.

You can even find wooden pallets in the funniest places, like sandboxes and playgrounds, where they make great toys because of their flexibility! They’re usually strong enough to support your children’s weight but flexible enough for your children to play with too.

Bang For Your Buck

A wooden pallet only costs around $8 which makes it one of the cheapest ways to transport goods. And that makes them really easy on your wallet.

It doesn’t matter how many goods you have to move; wooden pallets are the most cost-effective way to transport them without sacrificing safety. Sometimes, it’s even cheaper than cardboard boxes!


It’s easy to see why wooden pallets are so popular. Because they’re both strong and cheap, these simple but highly versatile pieces of wood make a great choice for almost any business with goods to move.

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