8 Important Things All Pallet Users Should Know

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Palletization of merchandise is an essential part of supply chain operation. Pallets were regarded widely as the biggest material handling invention of the 20th century alongside barcodes. While palletization of materials was considered an important component of material processing strategies in the past, the industry now considers this practice as an important part of the business. If you’re a business owner and use pallets for storage of your goods, then there are some things that you should know about pallets. We will discuss important things all pallet users should know.

The correct placement of loaded pallets is important for the safe transportation of the goods from the warehouse to storage facilities. The occupational safety and health standards (OSHS) recommend the placement of materials in an open stack. Storage isn’t the only possible risk. Poorly stacked pallets can cause significant injuries or fatalities in a warehouse. The stability of pallet loads when stacked on pallets enables minimal product degradation.

Use Good Material Handling Procedures

While pallet handling falls under material handling, there can be other methods other than those used in forklifts to protect pallets. How do I prevent my pallet from falling? Always keep your pallets flat. Putting them upright or on their sides could cause the pieces to fall and get damaged. In a falling situation, boards are not only vulnerable but can also damage joints. It’ll be like dropping a pallet. Do not put too much weight on a pallet. You can stack pallets neatly into piles without risking being hit or bumped by forklifts.

Ensure That Pallets Are Properly Constructed

When your pallets are designed with an engineering team, they are built to meet the particular specifications that ensure pallet damage will not exceed. Custom pallet systems are built to protect your items during transport, so minimizing pallet loss will be critical for doing this. Usually, in wood packing construction a few items are not discussed: the type of fastener and the kind used for the fastenings used. In preventing pallet damage, the right fasteners are necessary if the goods are palletized.

Consider Different Pallet Materials

Wood pallets are less expensive to manufacture and they can typically carry more weight. But, since they’re made of natural resources, wooden pallets are susceptible to mold, rot, and insect infestation. Plastic pallets are more expensive; but, they are extremely durable (long shelf life) and will not retain moisture or harbor bugs.

Some businesses also prefers recycled pallets but some issues come with them. No matter how cautious a pallet recycler is when completing repairs, there may be concealed pallet damage that is difficult, if not impossible, to discover. It might also imply that skipping the purchase of recycled pallets is the best course of action for preventing damage to them. Interlocking pallet patterns, however, are associated with greater unit load stability and bridging strength.

Use the Correct Pallet for the Right Product

The selection of a proper pallet may seem like an obvious choice, but it will surprise many people who have done it wrong. The first thing a palletizing process does is make certain the items are properly placed on the packaging. Make sure that the product does not have too much room in the package. Product sticking to the pallet may cause injuries during transport. However, large products can damage the pallet themselves. Therefore it is pertinent to analyze the kind of pallet you are purchasing and for what kind of products.

One of the most important techniques to prevent pallet damage is to use the right weight for the pallet design together with good weight distribution. When utilising a strapping or banding groove, keep the product flush with the pallet. Make sure the product is flush with any strapping or banding grooves you use to attach it to the pallet.

Keep the Pallets Dry

Moisture often gets missed in the process of damage prevention. The truth is that moisture damages the pallet. This damage is seen in the industry sectors like pharmaceuticals and food and beverages in many respects. It is necessary to keep these items dry to avoid pallet damage. Palette molds are an extremely important business in many sectors. Going with an entirely heat-treated inventory is a way to idiot-proof the process and might save money in the long run. Know your material handling environment

Proper Forklift Training Can Prevent Pallet Damage

When a wooden box has damaged its packaging, the major culprit is faulty lifting and pallet lifting devices. Forklift injuries can only be avoided by ensuring that workers are properly trained. Always enter a pallet using the tines at a suitable speed. Be sure the tines for the forklift are aligned with the pallet before lifting.

Storage Space Investments

Storage units vary greatly in size, but if the inventory is large the company will rent them. The possibilities include a storage facility that can be rented for storage needs, which will help with the receipt, packing, and shipping of an order as well. You must invest in the space that works well with your employees as well as carriers. Insurance, docks, and loading stations are all important factors to consider when considering investment in storage.

More efficient material handling and storage, better optimization of cube utilization in transportation and storage Standard-sized pallets can optimize operations across supply chains, offering greater flexibility and ensuring compatibility.

Install Shelving & Racks

A typical truckload can supply about 26 pallets of product, with the option to buy additional. So ensuring optimal storage in an industrial facility becomes crucial to your long-run success. If a company operates from a large warehouse facility or even from the home, installing shelves is often an excellent option. Storage containers with appropriate labeling also make a good idea for many businesses. However, you must be careful when arranging these boxes.

Catalog and Itemize Everything

Firstly, make sure everything arrives as planned. This includes checking all shipment details as well as quality. The second thing to be sure of is the label of everything. There are always multiple labels, but a list of different labeling options can give you a better idea of how everything should get to your facility.

There’s no need for stock mismatches or incorrect orders, which can result in unsatisfactory customers. Storage bins with proper labeling are also a good idea for many businesses, but you should just be careful when stacking these types of boxes because you can put too much stress on the lowest boxes.

Invest in Your Company’s Floor Plan

Always follow a thorough planning process with the layout of your premises, because the best use of your space helps you improve business efficiency in a better way. Inventory management and warehouse configuration always go hand in hand, so be attentive while you are buying or renovating a warehouse space. It would be best if your office had enough room.

Categorize Your Inventory

Many times pallets can carry mixed goods overlapping with different types. It may confuse when there’s no clear organizational strategy. So if you break up a pallet, you want to categorize as many items as possible by defining categories, conditions, and SKUs.

Separate Unsellable Inventory

You shouldn’t let unsellable items use up space in a building if there is something you cannot sell. It’s very frustrating sometimes when an inventory has no functioning. It also helps to separate the unsellable inventory. There is likely someone taking this kind of nonfunctional inventory of parts to help avoid being completely wiped from your life.


As a business owner, there are many things that you should focus on while purchasing pallets. Since you will be storing your inventory on these pallets, it is crucial to consider the best options available. Many businesses don’t focus on this part of the process because they think it won’t cause many issues. But the truth is, such minor details of things play an integral part in the progress of your business.

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