Wood Pallet Manufacturer Bristol, TN

Unaka Forest Products, Inc. has been an industry leader in high-quality and affordable wooden pallets for nearly half a century. Our pallets make it easier than ever to transport heavy items and to save warehouse space. They are the ultimate answer to optimize your business, including domestic and international shipping.

We recognize that our business is only successful when yours is successful. That’s why we work to provide pallet solutions and services that meet your unique specifications. That includes an inventory of new, reconditioned, and custom pallets, all designed to the highest standards. When you need durable pallets you can count on, Unaka Forest Products is the only name in Bristol, TN, you need to know.

High-Quality Commercial Pallet Supply


Our commercial pallets offer ultimate performance and quality. Our professionals create and design them to deliver superior service at the best prices. Each pallet provides a secure and stable base, even when moving awkward and bulky products.

We understand that the right pallet design is vital to efficient business operations and logistics. We’ll leverage our 40 plus years of industry experience to save you time and money. It’s our secret to maximize the durability and the load-bearing weight of each pallet.

Our pallet company assembles more than ten thousand pallets every week in Bristol, TN. We never outsource pallet production, including lumber sawing.  Our emphasis on in-house production and we guarantee stringent quality control and unbeatable products.

We also provide heat-treated pallets following IPPC requirements. Our company representatives have specific training and education to keep our pallets compliant with the latest wood packaging export regulations. It’s our way of ensuring accurate and efficient transportation, whether you ship to or from North Carolina.

Wholesale Prices


Your goal is to deliver the best products and services for your customers. At Unaka Forest Products, Inc., we feel the same way. It’s why we focus on manufacturing high-performance pallets at the best possible prices.

We have a unique approach to pallet creation that lets us keep our pallet prices low. We saw all our lumber from small logs instead of selling them to paper manufacturers. Our in-house services cut out the middleman so that we can forward the savings on to you.

We also buy pallets that have outlived their life expectancy. As a leading pallet company in Bristol, TN, we recondition and recycle them until they meet the strictest industry standards. The results: a high-quality wood pallet, wholesale pricing, and long-lasting durability.

Our pallets are a cost-effective solution for any business in Bristol, TN. It allows you to pass on savings to customers without sacrificing quality. You are also selecting an environmentally friendly option, saving a tree for every 225 recycled pallets.

The Best Wooden Pallet Manufacturer in East Tennessee

Custom Wood Pallet Design


Your pallet design should be as unique as your company. When you need a pallet that is not in a stock option, our design professionals are ready to help. We have an extensive designing and analysis phase to guarantee your pallets meet your business needs.

No detail is too small—our professional software analysis ensures optimal pallet performance. We analyze each pallet on multiple dimensions, including:

  • Maximum load weight
  • Wood type
  • Durability
  • Estimated lifespan
  • Cost
  • Grade

Whether you need a single pallet or an entire truckload of custom wood pallets, you won’t find a higher quality option in North Carolina. Our pallets work on a variety of surfaces, including dry shed, concrete, and lots. Contact our customer service team if you have any additional questions.

Request a Quote


Ready to take your business to the next level? At Unaka Forest Products, Inc., we can take you there. We’ve been the most trusted pallet manufacturer in Bristol, TN for decades and are confident we can deliver the service you need at a price you love.

Find the perfect pallet design for your needs. Get started with a free quote. Call us at (423) 753-9576 or fill out the contact form here on our website. We look forward to hearing from you.

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