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How to Save Money on Sky-High Pallet Prices

Lumber prices have been on the rise, with no sign of stopping any time soon. A combination of high demand and lowered infrastructural capacity has led to some of the highest lumber pricing in memory.

One unexpected consequence of these higher lumber prices: the humble pallet has become a cost consideration for many customers. As prices have skyrocketed, many companies are searching for ways to save money while still getting the same pallet performance.

Check out our top tips to reduce pallet pricing for small businesses to keep shipping costs low and profits high in this increasingly challenging business landscape. For more information on pallet pricing or to get a quote, call Unaka Forest Products in Jonesborough, TN, today!

Buy Reconditioned Pallets

Many pallet suppliers and transport companies have started reconditioning wooden pallets as a way to save of saving on new timber costs. Reconditioned pallets must still comply with international shipping regulations, making them an excellent choice for most small businesses. If you’re a high-volume pallet purchaser, even small savings on an individual pallet will create large-scale savings when translated into total pallet pricing.

Consider the Combo Pallet

Combo pallets contain a mix of new and used lumber. Although usually cheaper than brand-new pallets, these pallets still offer the same quality and performance. However, since these combo pallets still depend on new lumber, you can expect their prices to rise as long as lumber demand stays high.

Sell Pallets as Scrap Wood

Pallets have a defined lifespan, and there’s only so much you can do to fix damaged pallets. Instead of throwing these pallets away, why not sell them to reconditioning companies or as scrap wood to recoup costs? Individual pallet pricing will stay low, but economies of scale make this a worthwhile option for large-volume buyers.

Selling pallets also helps reduce recycling and removal costs. In most cases, you can negotiate with the reconditioning company to cover removal costs, saving you another expense.

Stockpile Pallets

Companies with the space to store large amounts of pallets should consider stockpiling them during a drop in pallet pricing. Staying informed on pallet pricing means that you can take advantage of any short-term price drops and have a steady supply to keep up with your pallet loads when prices increase later.

Create a Private Pallet Pool

Consider combining resources with other small companies to combat high demand pallet prices. Forming a private pallet pool makes sense for suppliers who only ship within a small radius because recovering pallets for reuse is easy and inexpensive. However, national or international companies may find the shipping costs of getting their pallets back higher than simply buying new pallets.
The high demand for lumber doesn’t show any sign of slowing down. The financial implications of this demand affect many different aspects of your business, including pallet pricing. While you can take steps to reduce their costs, don’t overlook the value of a strong relationship with your pallet supplier.

At Unaka Forest Products, we built a reputation as a premier pallet supplier for businesses nationwide with over 40 years of pallet manufacturing experience. Get in touch today by calling our Jonesborough, TN, team at (423) 753-9576 to find out how we can help keep your pallet costs low and your logistics chain running smoothly and affordably.

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Resolving Your Pallet Problem in Five Easy Steps

Although often overlooked, wooden pallets are a crucial part of every supply chain and can last a long time if cared for properly. Neglected pallets cause escalating costs, delays in shipping, and underperformance in packaging capability. Even if you purchase the most expensive pallets available, they won’t last long if you don’t take steps to maintain them. To help you care for your pallets and resolve your pallet problems, check out these easy-to-implement tips and suggestions.

For help resolving your pallet problems, get in touch with Unaka Forest Products at (423) 753-9576 in Jonesborough, TN.

1.Prevent Mold Growth

Mold growth affects many wooden pallets, especially in humid, warm conditions. Most molds love organic materials, and even the smallest amount of moisture can trigger severe mold concerns.

Improve handling stability by wrapping pallets in stretch wrapping, but be wary of unventilated wrapping — it can cause accumulated moisture and increase mold growth. It’s vital to release the trapped moisture by using tear-resistant stretch film and cutting vents at the pallet openings. This solution retains handling stability while also removing the potential for mold growth on the pallet.

2.Learn about Lumber Grade

Pallet manufacturers often construct pallets from low-grade lumber that has warps, holes, and splits. Although pallets may have aesthetic defects, rest assured that manufacturers must perform safety and performance tests before grading lumber for commercial pallet use. Most imperfections you see, such as splits in the wood, don’t affect the pallet’s usability as long as they are cosmetic and addressed by properly securing the pallet slats.

It’s vital pallet customers understand pallet grading and which lumber defects to fix to know if their pallets are stable or problematic. At Unaka Forest Products, we source lumber and construct pallets on-site to ensure that all of our pallets perform well, regardless of the lumber grade we use.

3. Address Exposed Nail Heads

Nail heads are a major pallet problem. Not only are exposed nail heads a safety risk, but they can also damage the product on the pallet. Unlike some other pallet performance issues, pallet suppliers are responsible for fixing exposed nails. If you notice exposed nails, or “shiners,” on your pallet, make sure to contact your supplier to resolve the issue.

4. Avoid Mishandling Failures

Cross-docking puts a lot of pressure on pallets, as it involves pushing, pulling, and twisting unit loads into position. While pallet manufacturers account for some harsh pallet handling, mishandling will often push pallets past their limits and cause unit load damage or other accidents.

As a premier pallet supplier, we produce pallets that have added components to improve severe handling resistance. However, you should also consider your methods and processes for handling pallets and consider if your material handling system causes undue strain that results in pallet problems.

5. Use the Correct Handling System for Your Pallet Size

Long pallets present a handling issue when they extend past the forklift tines. When the center of gravity sits over the end of the tines, it places severe stress on the pallet, breaking the top deck board or bottom end board.

We always recommend that our customers use a handling system that matches their pallet size. Sturdier deck boards may alleviate the issue, but this handling technique is a safety hazard. Avoid dangerous workplace accidents with a thorough review of the handling system.

Pallet problems can arise from several underlying causes. While it’s easy to blame pallet quality, consider your needs when selecting your pallets. Working with an expert pallet consultant can alleviate most pallet problems and lead to better pallet performance.

If you want the best results from your pallets or advice on resolving your pallet problems, call Unaka Forest Products at (423) 753-9576 in Jonesborough, TN, today!

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4 Tips to Get the Most Out of Your New Wooden Pallets

Whether you’re a DIY fanatic searching for your next woodworking project or a small business owner looking to save on pallet costs, knowing how to prepare and re-use wooden pallets opens up a world of high-quality timber at your fingertips.

It’s easy to find free wooden pallets outside grocery stores or hardware stores to salvage for commercial use or upcycling, but how do you take that sturdy wooden pallet from trash to treasure? Before you rush to the nearest construction site or supply store, check out these four tips to get the best out of your next pallet project.

As a family-owned and -operated pallet manufacturer with over 40 years of experience meeting our customers’ pallet needs, Unaka Forest Products offers high-quality pallets at reasonable prices directly to you with no middleman! Call our Jonesborough, TN, experts today at (423) 753-7907 for a quote.

1. Find the Right One

Large sawmills often construct pallets from low-quality wood, the pallets go through a lot of wear and tear before someone dumps them outside your local supply store. Take your time to sort through the pallets to find the right quality pallet for your needs. Warped or broken wood won’t do you much good, so be discerning while you scavenge.

2. Check the Stamp

Every new pallet undergoes a treatment to get rid of pests, such as insects and fungus. Depending on the type of treatments, your pallets will come with one of several stamps or marks, each with a different meaning:

  • HT – Heat-treated to remove parasites; safe to handle without protective gear
  • MB – Chemically treated with methyl bromide, which makes it toxic and unsuitable for home or DIY use
  • KD – Kiln-dried to prevent fungal growth; safe to handle without protective gear

Most U.S.-based manufacturers heat treat pallets instead of chemically treating them, which means that most of the pallets you find will be safe to use.

3. Clean and Prep Your Pallet

Pallets spend most of their time in warehouses, on trains, trucks, and ships, and in other grimy areas. Because they accumulate a lot of dust and grime in their lifetime, your first step should be to clean that grime off.

Use warm, soapy water to wipe off the surface grime, and then use an orbital sander to remove the worst of the spills and stains. Avoid over-sanding! You still want to retain some of the wood’s character and texture.

Cleaning your pallet first thing after you bring it home means that you can disassemble and use the pallet for your DIY project safely without worrying about germs or toxic chemicals.

4. Disassemble the Pallet

Depending on the tools you have, pallet disassembly can be extremely easy or pretty challenging. Most disassembly methods don’t require power tools, especially if you use a deck wrecker or pallet buster. You can purchase either of these long, pronged metal tools designed to disassemble wood at most hardware stores. But if you don’t have specialized equipment, you can use a pry bar and hammer to manually remove the nails and secure boards upon boards of quality wood.

If you have the tools and want to skip the manual labor, you can also use a cordless saw to cut all the boards along the rails. This method saves a lot of time and effort, but it is more wasteful because you will cut away some quality, usable wood during disassembly.

No matter what method you choose, always make sure to wear safety goggles and heavy-duty gloves while you work.

Whether you’re embarking on a new DIY project or running a commercial business, using sturdy, high-quality pallets is a necessity. Instead of relying on hardware stores or distribution centers, why not go straight to the experts? Call Unaka Forest Products in Jonesborough, TN, at (423) 753-9576 for a quote for new wooden pallets today!

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4 Tips for Choosing a Pallet Supply Company

If your business depends on wooden pallets for handling, storing, or transporting goods, then it’s crucial to stay on top of your supply. Here are four things to consider when choosing a pallet supply company for your business.

1. Full-Service
The company you choose should not only manufacture pallets but also offer delivery service. A company that also provides pick-up and recycling services to its customers is an excellent option. You need high-quality pallets to meet your business needs, but they shouldn’t clutter your space or warehouse when they get worn out. Avoid this by choosing a full-service pallet supply company.

2. Pallet Quality
Whether you’re purchasing brand new, used, or remanufactured pallets, not all pallets are equal. Recycled pallets usually have a grade indicating the pallet’s specifications and quality. However, this grading system usually varies from one state to another and between different suppliers. The pallet supply company should assure you that the grade A pallet you get will be of the same type and quality across the board.

3. Consolidated Billing and Reporting
A good pallet supply company should be able to provide you with consolidated billing and reporting. Billing and reporting can be challenging when handling invoices from several different suppliers under one contract.

Choosing a larger pallet supply company with several branches across the country will simplify the billing and reporting process since all locations will utilize the same systems and processes. Before you sign any deal, ask your prospective supplier if they’ll provide you with one invoice, a single set of reports, and a single point of contact.

4. Exceptional Customer Service
Your business can’t wait, and slow pallet services can negatively affect your bottom line. The best pallet supply company should provide same-day delivery on standard pallets. The company should treat its customers as a priority.

Before you choose a particular supplier, be sure to find out how they respond to last-minute orders. Does the company have the capacity to get you what you need within a specified period? How many calls does it take to get the pallet services you need?

You want a responsive company that has its own vehicles to ensure efficient last-minute deliveries. A pallet supplier company that relies on third-party freight companies to deliver your orders can be frustrating when it comes to last-minute deliveries.

Get a Reliable Pallet Supplier in Tennessee
While it can be challenging, picking the right pallet supply company will ensure your products are safe during storage and transportation. We hope this article will help you the next time you need to find a pallet supplier for your business.

If you’re looking for a reliable pallet supply company in Tennessee, Unaka Forest Products has you covered. We’re a reputable wooden pallet manufacturer in Tennessee, with a commitment to provide our customers with only the best products for their business needs. Get in touch with Unaka Forest Products today for the best quality pallets at affordable prices.

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What Should You Spend on Your Pallets

Pallets are an integral component in the logistics of many businesses. They serve as bases for storing, assembling, handling, and transporting goods as unit loads. They protect the products contained in them, and the bottom deck prevents damage to the palletized goods. But how much should you expect to pay for your pallets? Read on to find out.

Wooden Pallets Pricing

While there are several types of pallets, wooden pallets are the most popular, boasting at least 90% of the market share. When it comes to buying wooden pallets, the cost will vary depending on various factors, such as:

● Wood type: You can choose from either softwood or hardwood pallets. Softwoods are much more readily available, so they’re usually less expensive than their hardwood counterparts.
● New vs. used: If you’re tight on budget, consider buying used pallets as they’re usually cheaper than new ones. If you’re looking for less expensive but strong pallets, consider going for premium or grade A pallets. Premium pallets are hardly used, while grade A pallets may have been repaired but are as good as new.
● Treated vs. non-treated: If you plan to ship your products across borders, you’ll need heat-treated pallets, which cost more than non-treated. You can save money by using non-treated pallets for domestic shipping. You can expect to pay $10 to $12 each for new treated wood pallets and $8 to $10 for untreated ones.

● Pallet size: Pallets are available in various sizes. If you have bulky or oddly-shaped goods that can’t fit in standard-sized pallets, you may need to pay more for custom-designed pallets.

Budgeting for Wooden Pallets

Whether you choose to buy new or used wooden pallets, treated or non-treated pallets, standard or custom-sized pallets, you’re purchasing a reliable product to store and transport your goods. However, it can be challenging to quote the exact pallet prices since they vary from one supplier to another.

According to Pallet Profile Weekly, you can expect to pay $10 to $12.50 for a standard 48” x 40” new GMA pallet depending on your geographic location. Heavy-duty, block-style pallets will set you back at least $25 each.

If you’re tight on budget, you might want to consider buying recycled pallets. You can expect to pay at least $4 each for No. 2 recycled 48” x 40” wooden pallets, while the cost of No. 1 recycled pallets ranges between $5 and $7.50.
You can save money on your pallet purchases by buying in bulk from companies that offer discounts when you purchase at least a specified minimum number of pallets.


Find High-quality Wooden Pallets at Affordable Prices

It’s always advisable to buy your pallets from reputable manufacturers and suppliers. If you’re looking for wooden pallets at competitive prices in Tennessee, look no further than Unaka Forest Products.

We are a trusted wooden pallet manufacturer in Tennessee. We use high-quality wood and a specialized pallet manufacturing process to ensure you get the best value for your money. Get in touch with Unaka Forest Products today for dependable pallets at affordable prices.

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What You Need to Know About Buying Wooden Pallets

Pallet purchases are a critical process in any logistics chain. Not every pallet is the same, so you need to ensure you get the right ones for your business needs. While there are many different types of pallets, wooden pallets are the most popular as they offer an excellent combination of weight and durability for an affordable price. Below are some important things to know to ensure you purchase the right wooden pallets for your needs.

1.  Should You Buy New or Used Wooden Pallets?
The first consideration to make before buying wooden pallets is whether to get new or used ones. While new pallets are built from scratch using fresh timber, used pallets can be recycled, remanufactured, or combo pallets.
If you want to help conserve the environment and reduce your company’s carbon footprint, used pallets are an excellent option. Also, timber supply or shortages doesn’t affect the production of used wooden pallets, so you can easily find them. Used pallets are also usually less expensive than new ones of a similar design.

2. What are the Advantages of Buying Wooden Pallets?
Understanding the benefits of wooden pallets before buying will help you make the right decision. Besides being reusable and recyclable, wooden pallets are also biodegradable.
If you purchase pallets made of hardwood, you can rest assured that you’ll use them for several years in your business. Additionally, you can repair and reuse broken wooden pallets. These pallets are also much more affordable compared to other types.

3. What are the Different Types of Wooden Pallets?
You can choose from two primary types of wooden pallets: block pallets and stringer pallets. Both styles feature deck boards and stringers. Deck boards refer to the pieces of wood on the pallet’s top part, and stringers are pieces of wood that separate the deck boards from the pallet’s base.
Stringer pallets are ideal for lighter loads, and you load them by putting the forklifts under the pallet’s deck boards. On the other hand, block pallets are suitable for heavier loads, and you lift them by sliding the forklift into the stringers.
Stringer pallets are also referred to as two-way pallets since they allow for forklift loading access on two sides. For block sides, you can access them on all four sides, hence the name four-way pallets.

4. What Pallet Size Do You Need?
Once you understand the different types of wooden pallets, you need to determine what dimensions you’ll need. The standard size for wooden pallets is 48×40 and is the most commonly used pallet size. However, you can find several other smaller and larger sizes on the market, depending on your business needs.
Wooden pallets are cost-effective, durable, and reliable. If you’re looking for high-quality wood pallets in Tennessee at the most competitive prices, Unaka Forest Products has you covered. We are a leading wooden pallet manufacturer in Tennessee, using premium quality wood and the latest pallet manufacturing technology. Get in touch with Unaka Forest Products today for the best quality pallets.

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5 Reasons You Should Use Wooden Pallets

Pallets are an integral component of the transportation and shipping industry. While they are available in many different materials, the traditional wooden pallets are the most popular, thanks to their various benefits. Here are five reasons you should choose wooden pallets for your business.

1. Durable
One factor to consider when choosing pallets is durability. Wooden pallets are an excellent choice because of their reliability and durability. You can use them for many years, shipping items across the globe without them enduring any significant damages.

2. Strong and Customizable
Wooden pallets can hold much more weight than other types. You can have your wood pallets built and strengthened to support any weight. It’s also possible to custom-design these pallets to suit your specific shipping needs.
While other pallet types usually come in standard sizes, wooden pallets can be of any size you desire without a significant increase in cost. However, it’s worth noting that custom-designed wood pallets are often more expensive than their standard-sized counterparts.

3. Affordable
Wood pallets are usually less expensive to buy than other types of pallets, and you can often use them for longer. They’re also easy to repair since they’re assembled piece by piece.

If your wooden pallet breaks, you can quickly repair it for a low cost. If a plastic pallet breaks in only one spot, you’ll need to replace the entire pallet instead of repairing it.

Wooden pallets also take much less time to construct, meaning you can acquire them more quickly in large amounts, especially if you’re a bulk supplier.

4. Lightweight
Pallet weight can add significantly to your overall load weight, increasing the cost of shipping. Heavy pallets can also be cumbersome, taking a long time before reaching the final destination. One of the effective ways to reduce shipping costs while increasing efficiency is to reduce the load. You can achieve that using wooden pallets because they’re often lighter than other pallet types.

5. Reusable and Recyclable
Another great benefit of using wooden pallets is that you can reuse them many times. The market for used wooden pallets is vast, meaning you can easily dispose of them. There are also numerous options to repurpose or recycle the wood once the pallet reaches the end of its usefulness. Many people use wood from pallets for furniture, garden planters, fencing, and other projects.

Whatever kinds of goods you’re transporting, there are plenty of benefits to using wooden pallets. These pallets are affordable, durable, lightweight, reusable, and customizable to your specific needs.When shopping for wooden pallets, it’s crucial to buy from a reputable manufacturer to ensure you get the best value for your money. If you’re looking for top-quality wooden pallets in Tennessee at competitive prices, look no further than Unaka Forest Products.

We are a premier wooden pallet manufacturer in Tennessee, using specialized pallet manufacturing technology to create top-of-the-line pallets for our customers. Get in touch with Unaka Forest Products today for high-quality wooden pallets.

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