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Know the Benefits of Landscaping Mulch

Mulching your lawn can help you with many different benefits. Suitable landscaping requires proper and thorough trimming. Mulch provides an invisible barrier between plants and uncontaminated ground. The barrier can consist of many organic materials, including wood chips, pine trees, and straw. Mulching, however, doesn’t just enhance your property. Know the benefits of mulching by reading this blog.

Mulch is a common garden product. Mulch makes grass appear good and usually needs less maintenance because there’s less modding or pruning. Different mulch surfaces also present problems.

Kinds of Mulch

While certain mulches are more useful and can add nutrients to the soil, others are more aesthetically pleasing. The two types of mulch—organic and inorganic—each have advantages and disadvantages. Mulch controls weeds, retains moisture, prevents soil erosion, maintains soil nutrients, and helps control pests. There are numerous natural mulching options, some of which you can even get from your backyard. Materials such as bark, wood chips, pine needles, straw, and grass clippings make the best natural decomposing

Organically Attained Mulch

This mulch is made entirely from natural components. It can sometimes partially inhibit weeds and works best for feeding nutritious nutrients to your plants.


Bark mulches work best when placed around trees, bushes, and garden beds where little digging will be required. Also, foundation plantings and front walkways are the finest places to apply bark. These woody mulches don’t blend into the soil well, and it can get tiresome to continually move them out of the way to make room for new plants. However, they will endure longer than finer organic mulches.

Pine Needles

You may have heard that pine straw, also referred to as pine needles once they have fallen, lowers the pH of the soil. Pine needles may mildly acidify the soil when used as mulch, but not enough to harm plants. The sole warning is that using fresh, green pine needles as mulch may slightly increase the soil’s acidity. However, this increase may be minor. Pine needles can be a wonderful option if you’re searching for a mulch that won’t compress, inhibits weeds, and maintains soil moisture.

Grass Clippings

Grass clippings are usually a mixed bag and are ideal for weed suppression in secluded regions of your garden. Use caution while using grass clippings because they decompose quickly and can become rather slimy and smelly. This is true of most green plant materials with high water content, including grass clippings. Additionally, grass clippings have the propensity to mat down and block the passage of water.

Inorganic Mulch

Mulch that is inorganic is manmade and not formed of natural components. It doesn’t improve the soil, but it works best for completely blocking weeds, holding onto water, and preserving longer than organic materials.

Plastic Fabric

For the area around foundation plantings and other shrubs and trees, plastic and landscape fabric are suitable options. You don’t want to have to bother with weeding them all summer because these plants don’t need frequent fertilizing, and you won’t typically be working in these beds.

If there is not enough moisture, plastic can destroy all the beneficial soil organisms, including plant roots and bacteria, in addition to covering weed seeds. 5 Make careful to make enough holes in the fabric for the water to pass through. You don’t have enough drainage if you notice puddles building up on the plastic or fabric. Landscape cloth is porous, so unless it becomes blocked, there shouldn’t be a problem. Plastic harms the ecology and the soil as it breaks down, though. Similar to landscape cloth, which decomposes after a few years, weeds can pass through it.

Gravel & Stone

In locations that need good drainage or beds with plants that enjoy a bit extra heat, such as Mediterranean herb gardens, and rain gardens, gravel, and stone work well as mulches. Think carefully before using stone or gravel as mulch since stone is difficult to remove.

Which mulch you select will depend on its intended use and appearance. Every year, there are more possibilities available. Before you start spreading, weigh your options carefully and pick a mulch that will suit your tastes and benefit your garden for many years.

Benefits of Mulching

Mulch has a major advantage in adding a protective barrier to the root of plants and trees. Mulching reduces weed growth and keeps moisture at an ideal level reducing soil erosion and maintaining soil nutrients and pests from growing. The natural mulching process is extensive and is often found in the garden.

The naturally decomposing mulch combines wood chips, pine, and straw to produce a beautiful product. A less invasive option is to include materials such as black plastic and landscaping fabrics, recycled tires, pebbles, and river rock. Here are some of the most common benefits of mulching:

Controlling Weeds

Weed can damage cultivated plants, as it can also kill them. Mulch is a layer that provides weeds with less room to develop and makes their growth harder. This additional layer adds another barrier to stop daylight from reaching the open spaces where weeds thrive. Wide areas have become popular with weeds because they have ample openings that allow for dropping seeds and growing quickly. Mulching eliminates weeding from the bare ground so that seeds will not reach the soil.

Retaining Moisture

One crucial part a landscaping plan must include is that your lawn is not just beautiful, but can withstand periods of occasional rain. Mulch helps keep the soil moist. It also prevents the sunlight from vaporizing the humidity during the day, which results in cooler and humid soil which helps to grow thriving plants.

Any mulch’s capacity to keep soil moist is one of its best features. Over time, organic mulches decompose and improve the condition of the soil. This can be quite beneficial, particularly if your land is not very fertile. Mulch aids with weed management and lessens winter damage.

Preventing Soil Erosion

Mulch is a material that is spread around a plant or over the soil surface as a protective layer. Soil erosion can cause significant damage in commercial and residential landscape projects. Mulch also reduces erosion. The mulch helps keep the ground dry, which helps reduce erosion. Mulching protects the soil from being swept up by heavy rainfall and also prevents damage.

Controlling Soil Temperature

Control Mulching will moderate soil temperature fluctuations! This means that in the hot summer season, plant roots will be kept cooler by mulch covering the soil. In the frigid-winter season, mulch protects plant roots from the cold and helps to prevent frost-heaving, where plants are pushed out of the ground by natural expansion

Controls Pests

Putting up mulch can prevent pest infestation. Mulch reduces leaf rot in the plant significantly. Mulching reduces leaf foliar fungal pathogens by reducing soil splashes which prevent fungal growth in plants. Consult our landscaping professionals to see what mulch would fit in your lawn and any pest problem.

Prevent Soil Erosion

Unlike a traditional mulching system, mulches will keep the water from getting into the ground. Mulch helps to reduce the effect that rain has on the soil and reduce its friction. When the rain is heavy mulching is an easy way to prevent the soil from becoming damaged.

Mulch acts as a shield that, helps keep your landscape in place and finally prevents soil erosion. Soil Nutrients Not only does mulch prevent soil erosion, it also can keep soil nutrients from getting washed away by the forceful rain.


Mulch can be a very useful substance as you can use it in your backyard as well as in large scaled projects. It is something you can attain easily at a cheap rate. So why let something so useful go to waste?

Unaka Forest Products has been in the pallet and mulch business for a long time. With our given experience, we provide our customers with the best quality services. We also provide precut lumber and biofuel. So if you are in need of landscaping mulch or high-quality wooden pallets, then contact us today!

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Some Important Tips to Keep Your Wooden Pallets Safe

While pallets provide an ideal transport system for manufacturers and retailers, they are increasingly found among homeowners and other people looking for cheaper, free wood to be used on construction projects, firewood, etc. Pallet use is widespread, which has resulted in a significant increase in fatalities. The following blog will describe some important tips to keep your wooden pallets safe and avoid any injuries that may be caused by them.

Safety is paramount no matter the position. The use of pallet equipment is essential for the prevention and treatment of common injuries such as sprains or broken ankles and toes while working.

Read the Codes

Choose an EPSA-based system. The one with EUR refers to an older railway system. Using EPAL-approved products is acceptable. It also has heating treatment (HT). In Europe, it has been banned by the United Kingdom. The pallet is able to hold up to 500kg. A pallet might be seen without indicating it. It is generally a single pallet. The stronger ones are used in construction equipment (brick, cement, etc.) science equipment, and machinery. It is free of chemicals and can be reused safely and efficiently.

The Different Types of Pallets and Are they safe?

Pallet rentals provide pallets for re-utilization. Colored pallets are produced by companies and the color identifies the durability and type of pallets. Color pallets (blue pallets, brown pallets, and black pallets) have been criticized in the past. The pallets are treated with methyl bromide. Some pallet rentals use international shipping, so there may be some concerns. Some states fumigate every single pallet they receive. Most countries don’t follow international standards at all. It is possible to distinguish the four major pallet pool manufacturers in different colors.

CP Pallet Markings

The CPC Pallets Scheme was established in the early 90s by the Chemical Industries Association of Germany. Therefore the pallets are designed to serve the Chemicals industries only. It is part of the pallet system that is easily repaired and replaced. Standard CP describes wood quality measurement marks and repairs. The pallet block is marked with the manufacturer’s or repairer’s name and the date of the repair. The pallet can be heated according to ISPM or IPPC requirements or can be dried at kilns. CP Pallet comes in nine different sizes so there will be CP 1, CP2, or CP3.

Pallet Stamps and Marks

Wood pallets meet IPPC standards. A certified agency should provide the necessary markings and certifications for these items. However, it’s crucial that you know the meaning behind the coding to eliminate the toxic or harmful option. USDA indicates the combinations of qualities on the pallet that include: Source [MB] indicates the wood has been treated using methyl bromide. Even if it is a wood pallet that is only yours, avoid handling it with bare hands. The pallet can contaminate the home if exposed to toxic substances. These stamps were originally referred to as heat treatment.

Things to Look For in a Pallet Stamp

Avoid contaminated pallets for your safety. Use them cautiously! Pallets can be completely safe without the stamp logo, but it’s difficult for you to see the details. The following are some key details for checking the pallet stamp. The second letter on the stamp indicates which country the pallet was manufactured in according to the ICAE code, followed by identifying regions and the unique registration code. Identifying such details on a pallet stamp is highly important because it lets you know which ones to purchase.

Choosing the Safe Treatment Method

Wooden pallets manufactured in Canada or the U.S. undergo a pest control treatment called heat treating (HT) which involves heating the pallet at a minimum temperature of 56°C for softwoods and 60°C for hardwoods for 30 minutes in an HTP pallet is harmless for both the body and the environment. The use of kiln-dry lumber reduces wood moisture content (18% – 11%). The coding is used for controlling swabbing, fungal growth, and other properties. Typically wood drying ovens do not reach the 133 degrees Fahrenheit (55 degrees Celsius) temperature a thermal treatment would require.

Avoid MB Pallets

Methylbromide fumigation has been linked to human health problems as well as depleting ozone layers. Methyl bromide fumigation eliminates pests such as pine beetles invasive. The 1987 Montreal Protocol was a measure that was meant to restrict the use and production of methyl bromide along with other substances that had the effect. These treatment methods have been banned in many countries because they pose serious health dangers to workers who handle pallets. It’s also available to be viewed elsewhere.

MB Pallets Are Not Safe

Methylbromide has broad spectral pest control applications to kill the weed and parasitic organisms including pathogens and rodents. The use of methyl bromide was first used for soil fumigation and also for commodity quarantine treatment, structural fertilizer, and structural fertilization for agricultural products.

Methyl bromide enters a person’s bloodstream through the air through the skin or eyes. Inhaling methyl bromide causes skin irritation, itching, and burns. Dielectric heating is used to treat wood packing material, whether it is new, old, previously built, repaired, or remanufactured.

Don’t Be Fooled by Old Appearances

The cure temperatures of woods like cherry or oak cause the release of saps from within. Sap covers wooden boards with dark stains making them look old and wearable. Heat-treated containers and boxes are able to remain stable without damage. KDD pallets are safe. New or used wood package materials may be cooled by dielectric heating and treated with DH codes.

Understanding Chemistry

Various researchers have confirmed that toxic substances like methyl bromide are not safe for humans to use. After prolonged exposure to MeBr, neurological disorders may occur. Toxicopedia has found pesticides to reach humans through air or eyes. Its classification is highly acute. An alternative method of treating wood pallets is heat treatment (HT), which is an efficient and acceptable treatment method that heats a package to a minimum temperature of 56° C. for 30 minutes.

Pallet Treatment

IPPC developed an innovative approach that helps mitigate the risks associated with spreading infectious agents to other plants. The isp 15 phytosanitary measures require that pallet manufacturers use appropriate handling to quarantine pest infestations that have been shown to be harmful to forest health and biodiversity and prevent further exploitation of timber. According to the USDA, the current standard for WPM treatments includes MeBr (Methyl Bromide) fumigation and HT heat treatments.

Hazards to Avoid When Using Pallets

Our research suggests that many people hurt themselves when using pallets for home-building projects or other unattended purposes. Often the pallet is damaged by deconstruction. Deconstruction of pallets involves taking apart different boards by pulling, trimming, or smashing.

Each method presents some risks and extra precaution is necessary to prevent getting hurt while removing boards. It would be highly recommended to not hit any of the pallets in the attempt to take out parts. Remove damaged pallets from your workplace to reduce injury.

European Pallets

Depending on where in the US and Canada the pallet may be made, it is different. The Euro pallet is represented by two different names: EUR or EPPAL. Europe prohibits chemical treatments of wood and it can easily be used on the pallet. But in the case when stamps mention EUR, they originate in older versions of the rules, and the easiest way to avoid the pallet should be avoided.

What Happens if Pallets Don’t Have Stamps? Is It Safe?

When pallets don’t have stamps they are categorized as national pallets. National pallets can be used for domestic transportation across your country. Most domestic pallets do not contain chemical substances so should be the safest. But we have to be cautious.

What Are Safety Tips for Pallets?

Make sure the pallet is packed at the same weight with varying loads. Keep pallets away from any area that needs access, including doors, emergency exit points, smoke detectors, emergency lighting, and electrical outlets. Avoid dumping the pallet. Anyone attempting to disassemble a wooden pallet should be aware that the majority of them employ specialty nails that are quite challenging to remove. In order to make pallets endure longer, pallet nails typically feature a “screw shank,” which is difficult to remove without specialist tools.


When you go to the market to purchase any appliance, it is important that you have some prior knowledge of the product. With pallets, its the same case. As a business owner who requires pallets, you should know all the precautionary measures that need to be taken before and making any purchase. Other than that, handling something every business owner should be aware of. Pallet safety precautions should taken, a safe working environment is typically the result. Whether you’re running a business or you’re an employee somewhere that pallets are regularly used, be sure the proper procedures are taught and reinforced.

Unaka Forest Products specializes in manufacturing thee highest quality wooden pallets. The treatment processes we use are safe and according to safety standards. We also provide pallet repairing services. Our pallets are reliable and durable. Contact us today to place an order!

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How Wooden Pallets Are Safe for the Food Industry

When it comes to storing food items, there are many options that a business can resort to. Some options are considered unsafe for the storage of such items because they can cause contamination. Wooden pallets have been the go-to for the food industry for storage and transport. We will look at the major reasons why wooden pallets are considered safe for the food industry and how to properly use them to avoid contamination.

Apart from wooden pallets, there are also other materials that can be used instead. Plastic pallets are commonly preferred over wooden pallets as they are much more durable and don’t cause much contamination. But there are other harmful effects that can be caused by using plastic pallets. Wooden pallets can be sterilized to offer safety to your edible goods. Hence, it is a much safer option than plastic pallets. 

Reasons Why Wooden Pallets are Safe For Food Storage

The relationship between wood pallets and food safety has come under scrutiny in recent years from consumers and supply chain decision-makers alike. There are various reasons why wood pallets are best for food safety. Wood pallets are safe for transporting food in many different ways. Not only that but they are affordable and reliable. Some of the reasons why you should prefer a wooden pallet instead of any other material are listed here:

It Doesn’t Hold Pathogens

A wooden pallet, when properly sterilized, is highly safe to store food in. After sterilization, the wood does not harbor any harmful substances or pathogens. So if you’re wondering that the wood may have termites or other microorganisms that could harm the food, you’re wrong. When wood is treated before the formation of a pallet, all the pathogens are removed and no harm can be done to the food. 

The Surface of the Wood is Clean

As mentioned above, when the wood is sterilized, all the harmful contaminants are cleared out and none remain on the surface of the wood. For the majority of food businesses, wooden pallets are used to store raw materials, store work in progress or store finished product. 

After heat treatment, the contaminants inside the wood are also removed so it is completely safe to be used. However, if you plan to store the food for a longer period of time, then it is suggested not to store it in a wooden pallet. Because as we know, food doesn’t have a long shelf life hence, it can contaminate the wood.

Wood Pallets Keep the Packaging Safe

When you purchase wooden pallets from a well-reputed pallet company, your packaging will not be damaged. In most cases, the packaging gets damaged because of the poor build quality of the pallets. However, a good quality pallet will keep your goods safe and in good condition throughout the transportation. The safety of goods in food transportation is a major concern for many manufacturers and wooden pallets provide the safety you need. 

Wooden Pallets are Designed to Meet Food Industry Standards

It may not be possible for a lot of food companies to eliminate wooden pallets in their production site. So control measures are implemented to avoid contamination of the finished product and raw materials. The design of wooden pallets is specific to accommodate food transportation. The pallets are free of any damage and nail heads sticking out that can damage the goods. When pallet manufacturers design these pallets, they make sure the edges are cut out properly to ensure the safety of the food items. 

Food Safety Modernization Act

The Food Safety Modernization Act stipulates that food cannot be harmed by pallets. When used as tertiary packaging, pallets of a specific material are not required, nor is their sanitization for applications involving indirect food contact. Pallet providers are increasingly creating procedures to make sure that pallets are maintained as dry and clean as possible until they are delivered to the client. Users of pallets are also urged to adhere to a set procedure to guarantee that pallets are handled carefully and inspected before being put under load.

Safety Measures for Buying Used Pallets Used pallets are a great option, but it is still important to follow FDA and Food Safety Modernization Act regulations for dry, clean, damage-free pallets. If you buy used, make sure to get good quality pallets that adhere to those regulations and check for codes to avoid unsafe food storage.

No Evidence of Wood Pallets Causing Contamination

There is no proof of wood pallets causing a substantial outbreak of food-borne illness. According to some studies, wood pallets are actually safer than alternatives because contaminants are absorbed into the wood, as opposed to non-absorbent material pallets, which would leave contaminants on the surface of the pallet where they provide a higher danger of cross-contamination.

Heat Treatment Process For Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets are heated as part of the heat treatment process in a dedicated chamber until the core reaches 132.8 degrees Fahrenheit (56 Celsius). Before cooling down, it must remain at this temperature for at least 30 minutes. When the procedure is finished, a stamp indicating compliance with ISPM 15 requirements is applied.

Advantages of Heat Treatment

There are several reasons why this wood pallet treatment is desirable. The ability to ship internationally is essential since heat will kill any wood-boring insects and shield the wood from infestation. All insects and larvae will be eliminated if the core is kept at a high temperature for 30 minutes. As a result, insects are kept from spreading and colonising new places, especially those where they are not native. 

Wooden pallets that have undergone heat treatment also weigh less than untreated pallets. The savings on freight alone might be substantial. Additionally, you won’t sacrifice quality because heat treatment will make your wooden pallets survive even longer. They are resistant to organisms that contribute to wood and less prone to decay.


Unaka Forest Products is a well-reputed pallet manufacturing company. We produce high-quality pallets that are capable of supporting heavy loads. Our products will fulfill the needs of every sort of business. Whether you want pallets that can bare heavy or light loads, we have both! We guarantee our customers a long life-span of our products. Contact us today and make your purchase right now!

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8 Important Things All Pallet Users Should Know

Palletization of merchandise is an essential part of supply chain operation. Pallets were regarded widely as the biggest material handling invention of the 20th century alongside barcodes. While palletization of materials was considered an important component of material processing strategies in the past, the industry now considers this practice as an important part of the business. If you’re a business owner and use pallets for storage of your goods, then there are some things that you should know about pallets. We will discuss important things all pallet users should know.

The correct placement of loaded pallets is important for the safe transportation of the goods from the warehouse to storage facilities. The occupational safety and health standards (OSHS) recommend the placement of materials in an open stack. Storage isn’t the only possible risk. Poorly stacked pallets can cause significant injuries or fatalities in a warehouse. The stability of pallet loads when stacked on pallets enables minimal product degradation.

Use Good Material Handling Procedures

While pallet handling falls under material handling, there can be other methods other than those used in forklifts to protect pallets. How do I prevent my pallet from falling? Always keep your pallets flat. Putting them upright or on their sides could cause the pieces to fall and get damaged. In a falling situation, boards are not only vulnerable but can also damage joints. It’ll be like dropping a pallet. Do not put too much weight on a pallet. You can stack pallets neatly into piles without risking being hit or bumped by forklifts.

Ensure That Pallets Are Properly Constructed

When your pallets are designed with an engineering team, they are built to meet the particular specifications that ensure pallet damage will not exceed. Custom pallet systems are built to protect your items during transport, so minimizing pallet loss will be critical for doing this. Usually, in wood packing construction a few items are not discussed: the type of fastener and the kind used for the fastenings used. In preventing pallet damage, the right fasteners are necessary if the goods are palletized.

Consider Different Pallet Materials

Wood pallets are less expensive to manufacture and they can typically carry more weight. But, since they’re made of natural resources, wooden pallets are susceptible to mold, rot, and insect infestation. Plastic pallets are more expensive; but, they are extremely durable (long shelf life) and will not retain moisture or harbor bugs.

Some businesses also prefers recycled pallets but some issues come with them. No matter how cautious a pallet recycler is when completing repairs, there may be concealed pallet damage that is difficult, if not impossible, to discover. It might also imply that skipping the purchase of recycled pallets is the best course of action for preventing damage to them. Interlocking pallet patterns, however, are associated with greater unit load stability and bridging strength.

Use the Correct Pallet for the Right Product

The selection of a proper pallet may seem like an obvious choice, but it will surprise many people who have done it wrong. The first thing a palletizing process does is make certain the items are properly placed on the packaging. Make sure that the product does not have too much room in the package. Product sticking to the pallet may cause injuries during transport. However, large products can damage the pallet themselves. Therefore it is pertinent to analyze the kind of pallet you are purchasing and for what kind of products.

One of the most important techniques to prevent pallet damage is to use the right weight for the pallet design together with good weight distribution. When utilising a strapping or banding groove, keep the product flush with the pallet. Make sure the product is flush with any strapping or banding grooves you use to attach it to the pallet.

Keep the Pallets Dry

Moisture often gets missed in the process of damage prevention. The truth is that moisture damages the pallet. This damage is seen in the industry sectors like pharmaceuticals and food and beverages in many respects. It is necessary to keep these items dry to avoid pallet damage. Palette molds are an extremely important business in many sectors. Going with an entirely heat-treated inventory is a way to idiot-proof the process and might save money in the long run. Know your material handling environment

Proper Forklift Training Can Prevent Pallet Damage

When a wooden box has damaged its packaging, the major culprit is faulty lifting and pallet lifting devices. Forklift injuries can only be avoided by ensuring that workers are properly trained. Always enter a pallet using the tines at a suitable speed. Be sure the tines for the forklift are aligned with the pallet before lifting.

Storage Space Investments

Storage units vary greatly in size, but if the inventory is large the company will rent them. The possibilities include a storage facility that can be rented for storage needs, which will help with the receipt, packing, and shipping of an order as well. You must invest in the space that works well with your employees as well as carriers. Insurance, docks, and loading stations are all important factors to consider when considering investment in storage.

More efficient material handling and storage, better optimization of cube utilization in transportation and storage Standard-sized pallets can optimize operations across supply chains, offering greater flexibility and ensuring compatibility.

Install Shelving & Racks

A typical truckload can supply about 26 pallets of product, with the option to buy additional. So ensuring optimal storage in an industrial facility becomes crucial to your long-run success. If a company operates from a large warehouse facility or even from the home, installing shelves is often an excellent option. Storage containers with appropriate labeling also make a good idea for many businesses. However, you must be careful when arranging these boxes.

Catalog and Itemize Everything

Firstly, make sure everything arrives as planned. This includes checking all shipment details as well as quality. The second thing to be sure of is the label of everything. There are always multiple labels, but a list of different labeling options can give you a better idea of how everything should get to your facility.

There’s no need for stock mismatches or incorrect orders, which can result in unsatisfactory customers. Storage bins with proper labeling are also a good idea for many businesses, but you should just be careful when stacking these types of boxes because you can put too much stress on the lowest boxes.

Invest in Your Company’s Floor Plan

Always follow a thorough planning process with the layout of your premises, because the best use of your space helps you improve business efficiency in a better way. Inventory management and warehouse configuration always go hand in hand, so be attentive while you are buying or renovating a warehouse space. It would be best if your office had enough room.

Categorize Your Inventory

Many times pallets can carry mixed goods overlapping with different types. It may confuse when there’s no clear organizational strategy. So if you break up a pallet, you want to categorize as many items as possible by defining categories, conditions, and SKUs.

Separate Unsellable Inventory

You shouldn’t let unsellable items use up space in a building if there is something you cannot sell. It’s very frustrating sometimes when an inventory has no functioning. It also helps to separate the unsellable inventory. There is likely someone taking this kind of nonfunctional inventory of parts to help avoid being completely wiped from your life.


As a business owner, there are many things that you should focus on while purchasing pallets. Since you will be storing your inventory on these pallets, it is crucial to consider the best options available. Many businesses don’t focus on this part of the process because they think it won’t cause many issues. But the truth is, such minor details of things play an integral part in the progress of your business.

Unaka Forest Products is a well-reputed pallet manufacturing company. We produce high-quality pallets that are capable of supporting heavy loads. Our products will fulfill the needs of every sort of business. Whether you want pallets that can bare heavy or light loads, we have both! We guarantee our customers a long life-span of our products. Contact us today and make your purchase right now!

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Helpful Tips Before Painting Wood Pallets

Helpful Tips Before Painting Wood Pallets

Wood pallets can help increase curb appeal and increase your house’s appeal. The outdoors are suitable for decorative and functional use. Pallets can be used to make any kind of decoration from flower boxes to coffee tables and chairs. When painting your pallet you must decide on what paint. Then paint a durable color with a strong resilience to the environment. It would be useful to know helpful tips before painting wood pallets.

What paints are recommended? It is usually possible to paint pallets from wood using latex and acrylic paints. Indoor use of the standard version. For outdoor simple or combo pallets, use incredibly durable latex or acrylic paint for high prices.

Precautions Before Painting Your Pallet Wood

The pallets can be constructed of different materials. Similarly, different colors are necessary for choosing a specific kind of color to suit the wood. Following these simple tips can help you get the most out of your pallets. The number of layers of paint on the pallet will vary depending on which finishes you prefer. The more layers, the thinner and lighter the coats are. We recommend fewer layers when achieving a faded effect. The paint must also be kept dry between the layers.

Paint Pallet Crafting Ideas

Once you know about the procedure to paint pallets and their history you’ll have to find some interesting pallet painting ideas and prime examples of wood pallet art that are simple. This is a list of some good ideas.

Finding a Pallet

Get the local distributor or building contractor to check if there’s a pallet left on the building site to see if the replacement pallet can be ordered. Be certain your chosen pallet has no marks stained to prevent spillages during transportation and is safe to use.

In a study carried out by the NCL, a group studying shipping pallets for food found that 10 percent of wood pallets were free of bacteria. To keep it clean and disinfect, it’s advisable to use a vacuum swab to dry and wash the pallets.

Preparing Your Pallet

When assembling your materials you should sand them so the surface doesn’t get rough. Keep your work an open area. To sand wood pallets use a medium grit sander paper sheet or roll to sand each surface with soft sand to remove uneven edges. Sanding the grain leaves marks that can be obvious after painting stains or varnishing the surface. Heat-treated pallets also swerve as a great canvas for painting. Learn how to choose the perfect sandpaper.

Why Use Pallet Wood?

Pallet wood is usually easily found and is usually big and stable enough to be used as shelf furniture, coffee tables, or even as the bed base. Many pallet furniture ideas exist in this world! DIY pallets are a great way to reuse old wood that was previously buried.

Tree Painting On Reclaimed, Recycled Pallet Wood

Tree painted from recycled pallet wood from Pinterest. This is a great idea. Using only black & white colors, the contrasts effectively depicted the forlorn autumn tree and the autumn.

Breaking Down Your Pallet

If you selected the right pallet, you have to divide it into useful sections. Take care to dismantle a pallet for safety reasons.

Preparation For Painting

Make sure to remove the nails and other hardware before painting your pallet after disassembling. For this part, we advise using an electric sander. Pallets are rough, therefore we suggest using an orbital or mouse sander to prevent splinters and backbreaking effort. Completely sand the pallet, then wipe out all of the dust with a moist washcloth. Although TSP is another option, it is normally just used as a damp washcloth. To ensure the paint sticks to the wood, thoroughly clean the surface.

Use A Primer

Pallets are probably porous, which can cause your paint job to have a very uneven finish. Before painting your wood, we would suggest priming it. In that case, you could definitely get away without using the primer if you’re trying for a worn-in, rustic appearance. Unless the wood is oily, the paint should stick easily to the pallet if it is dry and porous, especially if the wood has been properly sanded.

Simply put, primer would assist your paint project have an even finish. You can paint your work once you’ve cleaned, primed, and sanded it. Here are some ideas to get you started on your next pallet project. I hope your luck with paint pallets is great!

Remaining Process

On wood pallets, latex and acrylic paints are the two most common types that can be applied. Use the standard versions indoors. However, for outside pallet projects, be careful to use more expensive, weatherproof latex and acrylic paint of higher quality.

If you want to give your wooden pallets a more worn-in appearance, staining them is a terrific way to change their appearance and make them look brand-new again. All you have to do to stain or paint the work is make sure you use the proper equipment and follow the instructions.


The most common types of wood pallets in the US are pine or oak. The latter is a softwood, whereas the former is hardwood. Painting the surface of your pallets for indoor usage can be beneficial in two ways, regardless of the sort of wood they are constructed of. First of all, it will hide any flaws, stains, or grime that may be present on the wood. Second, and maybe more significantly, it will aid in defending the wood from any potential harm. If you plan on using wooden pallets inside your warehouse, then painting them is a good option.

Sand the Pallets

Sand the wood first to make the surface smooth. Use medium-grit sandpaper (grit range: 100–150) for sanding, then move up to a fine grit (grit range: 180–220). Sand the wood first to make the surface smooth. Use medium-grit sandpaper (grit range: 100–150) for sanding, then move up to a fine grit (grit range: 180–220). 

Seal The Paint (Optional)

Once the paint has fully dried, it is time to seal it with a high-quality product. Even if it’s not necessary, sealing the paint will make it more resilient and endure longer, especially if it’s your favourite patio furniture or a piece of artistic artwork made of wood pallets. Use a polyurethane-based sealer for more longevity or a water-based sealer for a more natural-looking surface when sealing wood pallets.

It would be even better if you can use a water-based polyurethane sealant to combine durability with a natural-looking finish. Use a brush or roller to apply the sealer of your choice, and allow each layer to fully dry in between.


Use repurposed wood pallets that have previously been exposed to the elements to create outdoor projects with a more rustic appearance. But if you want to create a brand-new creative project for your patio or yard, follow these instructions for painting the naked wood pallets:

Start With a Clean Pallet

It is crucial to start with clean wooden pallets. Painting wooden pallets for outdoor use requires a bit more intricacy since your final product will be exposed to the atmosphere at all times hence, it needs to be carefully painted to protect it from unnecessary wear off.

Use A Sand Paper

Again, before painting any wooden surface, you must even it out. Once that’s done you can continue with the rest of the project.

Applying a Primer Coat

The next step is to use a primer coat for your product. The benefits of using a primer coat before applying paint is making the surface even smoother.

Apply The Paint

After all the prerequisites have been done, its finally tome to apply the paint. It is important to choose a kind of paint that will be suitable for outdoor conditions. Painting pallet wood or any wood surfaces can get tricky at this point. Many people follow all the steps but at this step, making one wrong decision can ruin your final product.


Using wooden pallets for your furniture is a very innovative and creative idea. You have full freedom of coming up with any design that you like. You don’t have to run to stores to find the perfect type of furniture that fits your patio or living room. With simple DIY tips, you can start constructing furniture and painting pallets. The steps are simple and brief. Anyone with basic painting knowledge knows that you have to process the wooden surface before you start painting them. You cant paint on bare wood hence, you have to follow the basic steps given in this blog.

If you’re searching for resilient and enduring wooden pallet manufacturers in East Tennessee, you’ve come to the right place. We have accumulated 40 years of successful experience and customer satisfaction, and we provide you with top-notch services and wood products. Unaka Forest Products has an exceptional product range that caters to your unique requirements and preferences, whether wooden pallets, precut lumber, biofuel chips, or landscape mulch. We also sell organic wooden mulch, precut lumber, and biofuel. Contact us today for the best quality wooden pallets.

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Mulch for decorating a private plot.

Know All About Mulch: How Much Mulch Do I Need?

Know All About Mulch: How Much Mulch Do I Need?

Mulch is any non-organic material that is used how many inches of mulch you wish for. Second, divide the number 323 now the mulch needs to be measured in metric yards.for ground cover in landscapes. Mulch is deposited over soil or in vegetation. Besides reducing the emergence of weeds mulch helps maintain soil moisture. A broad variety of materials can be used in mulching, and among the most frequently used materials is the following: After choosing the type of material to make it the first important step is the calculation of the amount of the material that will make a suitable spread. You can know all about mulch in this blog.

The mulch you add to your planting bed is the easiest way to improve your gardening this season. Sure, you will be weary of your job long after you’ve accomplished it. But mulch has big returns – gorgeous beds with less weedy vegetation and healthier plants.

How Do I Calculate How Much Mulch I Need?

First, the calculation is the size of the bed cover. If the bed is rectangular or square then multiply the square of the distance between the center of the floor and the edge by 3.14. The square foot area will be multiplied to determine the desired height in inches for the mulch material to be used in the application.

For mulch calculations, a cubic yard of mulch covers a total area of 324 square feet with a depth of one inch. To determine how much mulch is needed, the formula is: sq.ft.x desired depth (324 inches).

How Much Space Can a Yard of Mulch Cover?

How much space a yard of mulch should cover might seem like a daunting challenge to start with, but using bulk mulch calculations is a great way to avoid overbuying material. Using a calculator to calculate how much mulch a person should order, you simply measure their target area.

This calculator is a very helpful resource for landscaping mulched soils. For example, the area is 1 hectare and covers 1296 square feet. Approximately 1 meter wide. 620 sq. meter. 3 feet deep. 342 acres. 6’2″ high. 162m. 3 feet. 1″ depth. 108m2. 3 feet high 80 square meters. 4ft. deep.

Bagged Mulch Versus a Truckload of Mulch

The bagged mulch is sold here in the United States in bags that measure in cubic feet or cubic inches, while mulch sold as an individual is weighed in cubic meters or cubic yards. How can we determine if buying mulch in bags is more economical? Now that you have all the mulch calculator formulas for bagged mulch as well as bulk mulch, you can simplify the process. After determining the amount of mulch needed using both bags as well as bags, it becomes possible for you to price both products out to determine which is cheaper.

Bulk Mulch Calculator Formula

Use this mulch calculator to estimate what mulch to get for your purchase. Once you understand the amount of mulch you want you can begin to calculate what you want (no, it isn’t hard). Determine the amount of mulch needed for a truckload.

First, multiply the surface area of your garden bed and how many inches of mulch you wish for. Second, divide the number 323 now the mulch needs to be measured in metric yards. The square footage of a room ranging from 50 feet to 10 feet in width is 550.

The Purpose of Mulch

Mulch is not only a good way to make your yard look nice and attractive. One of the biggest advantages is that evaporation is prevented if water can enter the soil, says professor John Esslinger. The weed control helps reduce the size of the grasses and improves soil composition thereby boosting your soil’s productivity over the long term. Mulching keeps roots in newly planted plants wet as they grow.

How Deep Should the Mulch Be

In most cases, mulch depth is dictated by the materials used. Additionally, determining how deep the mulching is necessary for knowing the required amount of mulch per square foot is essential. The mulch should be at least 2 inches thick. A mulch layer of at least one inch in depth is sufficient. The depth should not exceed three inches. A coarse mulch made up of woodchips or rocks can be laid up to 4 feet or up to 6 inches.

The Type of Mulch to Use

Different kinds of landscaping mulch are used to mulch plants, from shredded wood chips and bark chips to compost and pine straw. If you choose to mulch based on plants and their habitats it will give you the best results. You will be surprised by what kinds of mulch a person can use in landscapes.

You’re Planning a Few Landscaping Updates and Have Questions Regarding Mulch

Mulching plants can be a great idea. Mulch helps prevent soil erosion, insulate plants from cold or warm conditions, and also helps retain water. Organic mulch is also good for the soils that have broken up over time by reducing moisture.

It’s essential that you add mulch, so you’re asking the right question here. If mulch is laid it will suffocate root plants in extreme heat and moisture. List some considerations in determining which mulch is best for your landscape.

Calculate the Square Footage of Your Garden Beds

Calculate the area needed for mulching. To simplify this task, divide a large landscape into triangles or rectangles. Show rectangular surfaces by multiplying the length by the widths. When the triangulated area multiplies the base multiplied by height, multiply it by two. In circles multiply radius + radius + 2.14. If a space measured has an irregular shape then divide it into smaller, workable shapes.

Choose a Mulch Material That Suits Your Property

The other commonly used materials in mulching include synthetic rubber and polypropylene. For individuals with the priority to maintain a healthy environment, organic mulch is often the best solution for the garden.

Mulching with organic materials like bark and compost helps improve the structure as they decompose. Stone mulch is an excellent way to make pathways, pots, and landscaping more pleasant. Its major disadvantage is its heat retention, which can cause a lot of problems in the case of people walking barefoot on the floor.

Use Mulch Where You Have Plants

Where possible, mulch will do its work properly. Besides being effective in protecting the roots in the soil, mulch also protects the vegetation by providing moisture. Mulch adds decoration and gives the land cleanliness and uniformity. Home gardeners can choose an earthy mulch shade to blend in with the landscape naturally if they want to color it. In an organic garden, mulch helps prevent disease and prevent watering.


Here are some commonly asked questions regarding Mulch:

How Much Mulch do I Need?

The 2-inch thick organic mulch is ideal for preserving moisture as well as weed control. It’s a time when a bit more is not necessarily better. Plant rooting needs air for survival and the layer is too deep to absorb easily. Coarse textures and barks allow more airflow for deeper depths of up to 4″

What is The Formula To Determine the Area of My Garden

The next step in your planning is to decide on the size of your garden bed will need. Length x Height = x mm x sq. ft a rectangular area R x R 3.12 = x mm x mm square. You can easily divide them into imaginary rectangles or circles to create this shape. Calculate the dimensions of this piece and then combine them with the rest.

How Much Space Can a Bag of Mulch Cover?

When available, items for mulching can generally be packed either in two cubic feet or in a three cubic feet bag. The amount of mulch in the bag determines the amount of mulch. Additional area covered by the bag varies depending upon the bag type ordered and the desired mulch width. One 2cm bag of mulch covers 24 acres of land. 6ft. 2” depth 12x2m. 8 ft. 3ft deep, 6ft. high. Ft. 6″ high.


If you’re searching for resilient and enduring wooden pallet manufacturers in East Tennessee, you’ve come to the right place. We have accumulated 40 years of successful experience and customer satisfaction, and we provide you with top-notch services and wood products. Unaka Forest Products has an exceptional product range that caters to your unique requirements and preferences, whether wooden pallets, precut lumber, biofuel chips, or landscape mulch. We also sell organic wooden mulch, precut lumber, and biofuel. Contact us today for the best quality wooden pallets.

Unaka Forest Products provides high-quality mulch. We use a special method to make our mulch more effective. Contact us today and place your order!kno

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pallets and packages of freshly produced red bricks

How to Prevent Mold on Pallets?

How to Prevent Mold on Pallets?

Wood pallets can provide a cost-efficient way to store a lot during transport. However, mold is an enemy of wood. Molds are likely growing and contaminating wood pallets under improper circumstances. Mold does not affect the integrity of a wooden piece but does cause damage to the shippers. The chemicals may damage the product contained within the affected package and cause respiratory problems to the person who was exposed to it. It not only feeds on wood, but it also feeds on many different things. So, how to prevent mold on pallets? Keep reading this blog to learn important facts about wooden pallets.

What is not apparent may cause serious damage. Unfortunately, mold spores may soon colonize surfaces if temperatures rise during spring. Mold may spread through empty wood or pallets in days and can contaminate materials and machinery. In addition to the safety of workers, it is possible to compromise sensitive products or services.

How to Identify Mold?

Sometimes wood boxes can have discolorations and appear to be pallet mold. These sorts of discolorations are biologically occurring. It may involve brown or iron stains, discoloration caused due to sun exposure, or natural enzyme or metal stains.

Iron stain: A very popular black stain found on wood that occurs when an elemental iron chemical reaction is created on the wood. It happens most of the time when wood touches metal (such as nails, screws, and fasteners). A blade of wood can leave iron staining.

Not All Wood Discoloration Is a Concern

When you reject pallets for mold, be sure that there is some coloration on them. By understanding the many different kinds of staining found on wood and its components, you can reduce waste time and potentially disrupt the supply chain. Bluestein produces black coloration but has no harmful effects on humans. Among the possible sources for non-toxic discolorations present in pallets are iron and zebra stains and natural weathering, among others.

What Mold Does to The Wood

Mold is a mushroom that grows from multicellular filaments called “hypha”. Molds are essential for degrading wood and other plants. However, they can be even more dangerous if rooted on a pallet or unattended surfaces.

To colonize a surface mold must use a combination of oxygen and sufficient temperatures. Mold can be controlled by removing moisture from a wooden pallet or flooring. Hardwoods should maintain a water content of a minimum of 19%.

What You Should Be Mindful Of

Mold is a fungus that grows on multicellular filaments. Mold spores can be found all around us and can colonize the wood surface with a moisture content above 19 percent. Molds can produce pigment spores on pallet wood surfaces. They may have different colors but some are hidden. Food and pharmaceutical companies have a high demand for mold-free packaging. Mold has been mainly influenced by spores.

Mold Prevention Tips

Mold prevention begins when a mold is properly identified. This is the most important ingredient. The variable that controls its growth most efficiently is water. By controlling the humidity of pallets, you can avoid mold problems. Here are some tips to incorporate to get rid of mold to avoid it:

Store Pallets in a Dry, Well-Lit, and Ventilated Place

Do not store pallet items in an obscure corner. Find a dry area with adequate ventilation. For the stringed pallet, put space at the bottom of the stack to provide good airflow. The openings should also be oriented towards the airflow direction. A pallet stack elevated 6 or 8 feet above the floor can keep pallets away from muddy places.

Keep Stock Fresh and Remove Moldy Material

Experts advise against storing damp lumber in solid piled piles for at least two hours in warm environments. Give a clean airflow that will help accelerate the drying of the surface. Such a wood product increases the chances that fungi will spread into newly milled materials.

Unload Pallets Quickly and Protect Them From the Elements

Pallet users can see pallet trailers as incubators for them. While logistics professionals usually use trailers for temporary storage, storing pallets in trailers during warmer days can be incredibly dangerous. Moreover, keep pallets away from dry places. The pallet should be dry when it gets wet.

Pressure Wash the Pallet

Pressure washing pallets removes visible mold making your pallets much more pleasing. Use bleach to clean the mold from the wood package and remove it permanently. Certain customers sometimes restrict the use of chemical substances, even bleach. Never underestimate the power of a pressure washer. You must eliminate the mold to prevent it from growing any further.

Don’t Let Your Pallets Sit in The Rain

Even brief contact with water can cause issues. Free water may only be present on the wood’s surface for a little time, but it may only take a few days for a fungus to germinate, grow inside the wood, and release spores onto the surface, according to one study. By then, the wood may already be dry, but the harm has already been done.

Make Sure The Airflow Is Right

Leave room between the rows of pallet stacks, and position pallet apertures toward the airflow. Because stringers operate as an obstruction to airflow, this strategy is particularly crucial when stringer pallets are placed side by side. Experts claim that air velocity as low as a few feet per second can prevent the growth of mold. Raising pallet stacks 6 to 8 inches from the ground also helps prevent contact with any standing water.

Know The Difference Between a Stain and a Mold

It’s possible that mold isn’t even your issue. Consider Bluestein, which discolors the wood in a bluish or greyish manner. Blue stain is not linked to any performance or health difficulties in people. Lightly rub the damaged area of the wood to see if you have Blustain or mold. A recent NWPCA brochure claims that blue dye penetrates deeply into the wood and cannot be removed, in contrast to mold, which forms on the surface and may be brushed off or smeared. The pamphlet goes into further detail about natural flaws, including blue and iron stains.

Consider Chemical Treatment

To best fulfill the requirements of your application, a variety of EPA-registered substances can be combined with FDA-authorized or exempted ingredients. For more information, check with your pallet provider.


In conclusion, buying dry pallets from a reputable pallet supplier is the best method to guarantee mold-free pallets. You should also take precautions when unloading and storing pallets to keep them dry and well-ventilated, especially when warmer spring days begin. Recognize the distinction between a stain and a mold, and consider a chemical treatment if permitted. By putting these fundamental procedures into effect, you may significantly increase the likelihood that the pallets in your supply chain won’t have any issues. Despite valiant attempts to keep pallets dry in warm weather, mold nevertheless develops when pallets are exposed to the right amount of heat and moisture regularly. Small localized wet spots can supply the necessary ingredients for mold to grow even if you keep the moisture content of your pallets below 19%. Suppliers of lumber and pallets have used chemical treatments to enhance mold prevention. To best fulfill the requirements of your application, a variety of EPA-registered substances can be combined with FDA-authorized or exempted ingredients. For more information, check with your pallet provider.

If you’re searching for resilient and enduring wooden pallet manufacturers in East Tennessee, you’ve come to the right place. We have accumulated 40 years of successful experience and customer satisfaction, and we provide you with top-notch services and wood products. Unaka Forest Products has an exceptional product range that caters to your unique requirements and preferences, whether wooden pallets, precut lumber, biofuel chips, or landscape mulch. We also sell organic wooden mulch, precut lumber, and biofuel. Contact us today for the best quality wooden pallets.

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New Wooden Stacked Pallets

What Are the Different Ways to Recycle Your Wooden Pallets?

What Are the Different Ways to Recycle Your Wooden Pallets?

A wooden pallet has many benefits. We see it being used in transport and some people even use wooden pallets for their home decor. However, like any other thing we use, wooden pallets also wear out and have to be discarded. There are different ways to recycle your wooden pallets so that there are no negative effects on the environment. This blog consists of everything useful there is to know about wood pallets.

If you have a business that requires the use of wooden pallets, then you might come across the need to recycle them more often. Knowing good ways to recycle wooden pallets would come in handy for you in that case. Choosing a pallet manufacturer that focuses on quality is highly important too.

Recycling the Pallets

Pallets are recycled for many different purposes. How you recycle wood pallets can be to make compost that helps grow and nourish plants. Pallet wood contains no chemicals therefore is safe and can be used in food gardens and landscapes without any risk of contamination to soils in any way. It is incredibly effective in producing fertilizer for plants and it is a good choice for compost. Another method for recycling wood in wood pallets is to shred it into mulch.

Donate Them For Firewood

Another way to get rid of rotting wood pallets is by recycling them for firewood in the community shelter! Most people without homes don’t have enough wood available to heat and cook their food and this is a great method of using these pallets for the purpose.

Donate Them To Local Businesses

Do you need to donate wood pallets to your local business? Most companies need a pallet even if it’s not needed immediately. It will give you a chance to get rid of your old pallets and help another person with them. So it would become a win-win situation. You’ll be able to get rid of the pallets and someone can use them.

Build Something With Them

A lot of things can be built using wooden pallets. For people who are into home decor and want their house to have unique interior designs using pallets can prove to be great. The most common way of recycling used by many people is to build something with them because that way you don’t have to throw them away and can also can also make something amazing with wood out of it.

A lot of practical designs can also be made using recycled pallets. You can even make a unique-looking fully-functional door for your room! However, you have to process the wooden pallets before using them in your home. Since they are used in storage areas and factories, it is highly likely for them to have termites and other wood-dependent insects. After that’s done, you can use them however you want to.

Patio Furniture

If you’ve got your hands on wooden pallets, then you can use them for your patio’s furniture. It probably happens to people that when they go to get furniture for their patio, they are unable to find anything that matches the whole setup. Well, not if you make the furniture yourself.

Using wooden pallets can be highly beneficial in designing your furniture. A patio should have wide and spacious furniture so that both comfort and style can be achieved. You can even make handy tables using wooden pallets. A decent coffee table can be made easily using recycled wooden pallets.


Have too many books? Need something to hang your bike? If you have wooden pallets in your garage, then it’s your lucky day! You can easily transform those wooden pallets and make them useful for yourself. Shelves can be made easily by using basic carpentry skills.

If you require a stronger setup for a shelf where you can hang your bicycle as well, then you can use stronger wood material. The good thing about wooden pallets is that they come in different sizes and kinds of wood. So, whatever your requirement is, can be fulfilled by choosing the right type of wood. You can also make a shelf for your kitchen where you can hang your utensils and get easy access to them!


If you have a backyard in your house, then you shouldn’t let it be all plain and boring. You can make swings using wooden pallets. All you need is a strong kind of wood to make the swings out of and a strong rope to support the weight. The size of the swing can be decided by you because you’ll be making them yourself and that’s the great thing about it!

A lot of space in your home can be utilized using wooden pallets. You can even modify your car porch using such small sitting areas that can be treated as swings as well. Many people have come up with such ideas using wooden pallets. You can check them out on the internet!

Shoe Racks

People living in confined areas like apartments can benefit from wooden pallets. You can make very cool designs of shoe racks that won’t take up much space and will serve their purpose as well. Having all your shoes in one place is also very convenient. It would be great for students to have something like this at their place.

Clothes Hanger

Suitable slings for hanging clothes, keys, and umbrellas can be built from pallet wood. Based on how large the hanger is, it’s possible to cut up pallets in the process and then put them together. Many DIY projects can be undertaken using pallets reclaimed from timber. You can eventually make something where you can hang your clothes. It could even be installed in your bathroom.

If you don’t have enough space in your closet to hang your clothes, then you can hang them on the clothes hanger you made yourself using combo pallet wood. The best thing about using wooden pallets for such ideas is that you can do so much with them. You don’t have any restrictions on design ideas. Sometimes you can things from the market that are either too pricey or just don’t fit the overall design of your home interior. You won’t have that problem if you start making your own using wooden pallets.


You can make very cute and practical tree planters using wooden pallets as well. These could enhance the overall looks of your garden or patio. You can plant sustainable low-maintenance plants that add to the beauty and also give the space a much fresher atmosphere.

The wooden pallets can be painted and given a vibrant look. So, if you have sunflowers planted in the wooden pallet planter you made, you can paint it yellow and it would complement the color of the flowers!

Breakfast Tables

A wooden breakfast table is easily constructed. Panels can be used as the base for assembling the table. Even the whole thing can be made using wooden pallets. You can make a sturdy and well-balanced coffee table or breakfast table if you use the right materials and have enough skills to do so.

Everyone these days is capable of making things themselves. However you want something to be like, you can have it that way. That’s the beauty of it. A breakfast table could be highly useful in many areas of your house. You could make more than one and put one in every room. It could also be foldable so it doesn’t take up much space when it isn’t in use. Buying pallets from Unaka will give you all the benefits you’re looking for.


Wooden pallets can be used in many ways as well have already learned about that. You can get free pallets from factories that are looking to get rid of their pallets. Pallet projects are extremely fun to do and anyone can make anything out of wooden pallets. Whether it’s a chair, a table, or shelves, you can make anything easier. Once you get a hold of pallets, you can get as creative as you can and make a ton of things.

If you’re searching for resilient and enduring wooden pallet manufacturers in East Tennessee, you’ve come to the right place. We have accumulated 40 years of successful experience and customer satisfaction, and we provide you with top-notch services and wood products. Unaka Forest Products has an exceptional product range that caters to your unique requirements and preferences, whether wooden pallets, precut lumber, biofuel chips, or landscape mulch. We also sell organic wooden mulch, precut lumber, and biofuel. Contact us today for the best quality wooden pallets.

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How Are Wooden Pallets An Eco-Friendly Shipping Option

How Are Wooden Pallets An Eco-Friendly Shipping Option?

In order to acquire wood, trees have to be cut down. Many people think that it is not a good thing we have to do that to fulfill our needs in daily life. When it comes to wooden pallets, they are considered to be an eco-friendly option for shipping. There are many reasons to back up that fact.

Apart from using wood in pallets, other materials like plastic and metal have also been experimented with but it was not as successful. Wood is a naturally existing resource given to us, which means that it has lesser side effects and many great benefits. Wooden pallet industries take the incentive of planting more trees as they consume them to ensure these actions cause no environmental changes being caused because of these actions wooden pallet efficiency

Is Using Wood in Pallets Actually a Good Idea?

There are many ongoing debates about whether trees should be preserved or should they be used and replanted. Here are some of the reasons why wood can act as a great option for pallet production:

A Sustainable Choice

Sustainability is one of the many factors that need to be considered at all times. Wood is extracted from trees and trees are naturally existing resources. We need to understand that if a natural resource exists, it can be increased in number as well if we take care of that matter. For instance, for the production of plastic pallets, oil is a very common ingredient. Oil is not only scarce, but it is also not environmentally friendly at all. The supply of wood is facing a lot of trouble as many environmentalists think that this rate of consumption of lumber can have an adverse environmental impact. However, if necessary action is taken, we can increase the production of trees while using them for our daily commodities. 

Carbon Emissions

In terms of shipping, it can be repurposed in any number of useful ways. It’s also quite simple to refurbish a worn-out wooden pallet. This makes wooden pallets a cost-effective choice with much potential for longevity and sustainability. When synthetic material is rejected in favor of wood, carbon emissions are impacted positively. Wood is less expensive and more durable than plastic, and its carbon footprint makes it the clear eco-friendly option. By reducing costs and carbon emissions, wooden pallets help impact an organization’s carbon footprint and the environment positively.

The Wood Council indicated that 1.1 tons of carbon dioxide are eliminated from the atmosphere for every cubic meter of wood utilized as building materials instead of synthetics. When you combine that amount with the 0.9 tons of carbon dioxide that are already stored in wood, it means that carbon emissions can be reduced by 2 tons per cubic meter of wood building materials. Implementing more wood-based shipping and packing materials could drastically reduce the carbon footprint of most expanding countries.


Wood is an environmentally friendly building material. Usually, these trees are found on the ground that is drained from sunlight or water. It can be recycled to make paper and mulch areas. Heat treated wood can be reused in the building industry once pallets are worn out and discarded in shipyards as well as in commercial buildings.

Rebuilding Pallets

Similarly, reusing environmentally friendly recyclables means the damaged pallets will be replaced with the same pallets without significant repair. The new system allows the company to cut costs by saving more time and eliminating the waste of materials. Most agricultural businesses use recycled pallets for reliable transport and to reduce costs.

Wood: A Renewable Resource

Wood pallets use sustainable wood sources. Often timber has been cut for use elsewhere, and the resulting material is used for pallets. Pallet wood isn’t found in old trees. In recent years, forest production industries have worked for many years for the sake of sustainable development. In 2020 National Wooden Pallet & Container Association(NWPCA) plans to publish an environmental declaration for wooden pallets. UL certification documents are evidence of the positive environmental impacts of wood pallet construction. 1.7 billion trees are planted every year in US forests each year.

Environmental Product Declaration Certification

The Wooden Pallet and Container Association announced a new Environmental Product Declaration (EPPD) for pallet woods. The NCPCA and the Pallet Foundation alongside the Forest Products Laboratory, a research agency within the Forest Service have prepared it. It was confirmed by UL, the world’s leading EPD-certified third party. In a first step for the supply chain industry, wooden pallets are certified as ecologically sustainable.

Is There Anything Else Better?

Some providers are promoting alternative material options, like metal or corrugated. Nevertheless, each of these will work but each also comes with disadvantages. For instance, the metal pallets are strong, although much heavier. The plastic pallet is sanitary, has a long life cycle, and is expensive. Corrugated pallets are heavier than wood but are less stackable or stronger. The pallet isn’t the only problem. The slip sheet is smaller and cheaper but can hold as much weight as a pallet. These containers provide a perfect solution when a truck can fill every cubic foot of it and can not be easily filled by pallets.

Rethinking Wood Pallets For Shipping and Storage of Goods

Information overload could make it hard to determine the best options when shipping and storing products. Information overload could make you question your option in shipping or storage of the goods. As a general rule, wood pallets have been widely used. But maybe you have heard or read about pallets costing more to transport because of their weight or because the environment suffers. 

Some may believe that most timber pallets can be used once or twice before being discarded. It doesn’t seem right. But the thing about wood pallets is that they are reusable. It is not necessary to discard the pallet as a whole. It can be broken down and used in other things. For instance, when wooden pallets are discarded, it is because they can no longer bear the weight of the goods or if they get cracked. That does not necessarily mean that they can not be used. Many people acquire discarded wooden pallets, use a sterilization process on them and use the wood as furniture for their houses. 

Commonly Asked Questions

When it comes to the sustainability of wooden pallets, there are many questions people ask. Some of those questions are listed below:

Is it Safe to Use Discarded Wooden Pallets as Furniture?

Yes. It is safe to use discarded wooden pallets as furniture. Although you may not find them in their actual shape or form you can trim the rough edges of the wasted wood and use the remainder for your needs. High-quality wooden pallets are sturdy enough to retain their strength and rigidity even after they undergo heavy loads. Painting pallets also helps sometimes as it puts a protective layer on the surface.

Are There Any Other Eco-Friendly Materials I can Use Instead of Wood?

Wood is a naturally available resource which means it has all the right properties of being eco-friendly. If you use wood in your products like chairs, houses, beds, pallets, etc, then it will prove to be more sustainable and eco-friendly. You can use plastic and metal in your products and yes, they may be stronger and more durable but they won’t be as eco-friendly as wood.


Wood is a naturally renewable resource and we need to understand the importance of that as we continue to use lumber from trees. Although wood is extremely eco-friendly and provides all the qualities we look for in sustainable materials, we also need to consider it our duty to keep this naturally occurring resource in excess. Planting trees is not only great for the environment but it will also eventually help us with our daily needs. Cutting down trees is not all bad. When new trees are planted they bring more freshness to the atmosphere. The pallet industry is highly focused on the occurrences of global warming. Modern materials handling in shipping pallets industries consider the adverse effects of global warming and play their part in making the environment greener and healthier. 

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What are The Different Types of Lumber?

What are The Different Types of Lumber?

We acquire wood from trees and use it to make different products like tables, houses, etc. Each tree is of a different kind and because of that difference in species of wood, there are a lot of qualities that we can get. Different types of lumber have different roles in the products we make using them. 

Pine wood is used in making wooden pallets for instance. Since pine wood is soft and not hard, it provides a much stronger bond when put together in the shape of a wooden pallet. Hence, such factors are the reasons for us to use different types of wood in our products. Each type of wood has its own role in either giving our end products strength or good looks. 

Soft Wood & Hard Wood

Before we start learning about the different types of lumber, there are two basic kinds of wood that are found in each type that defines its properties. Here are some of the properties that differentiate the two:

  • Hardwood lumber is made from deciduous trees, whereas softwood lumber is made from coniferous trees
  • Hardwood trees are typically slow growers which give them solid and denser growth. Whereas, Softwood trees are fast growers giving them flexibility and softness in nature. 
  • Hardwood is heavy in weight because of its density attained by slow growth and softwood lumber is lighter in weight because of its rapid growth. Lighter weights are preferable in developing some products that require a light-weighted feel. 
  • When it comes to life span, hardwood can live up to several decades and still maintain its solid nature and rigidity. Softwood, on the other hand, can last up to a decade or a little bit more than that. The products we want to last longer can be made using hardwood but there are factors we have to take into account like its heavy weight and time to acquire it. 
  • Lumber acquired from hardwood trees is weatherproof whereas, softwood lumber has to be treated to make it weatherproof. Because of the denser wood, the weather has a less adverse effect on hardwood lumber. 
  • Hardwood lumber is more expensive than softwood lumber. This is also because of the time it takes to grow hardwood and how much life span it offers. 

Reading the differences between hardwood and softwood lumber one might think that only hardwood should be preferred, but that is not true. This doesn’t make soft wood a useless kind of lumber. Instead, it has a lot of benefits to offer that hardwood fails to. 

Different Types of Lumber

Here are the different types of lumber that we can acquire from both soft and hardwood trees. Both have different roles in the production of our products:

Pine Wood

Pine has an extremely soft texture and easy-to-clean surface to use. Pine trees are native to several countries in the U.S. and Europe. The most commonly used types include sugars, sand, white, ponderosas, and South Yellow pine. It is less dense and easier to use than other insect-resistant materials. Pines have a brown or yellow hue, depending on the species. It has its fair share of knots. True knotty pieces are marketed as “knotty pine,” while knotless pieces are labeled as clear pine. It is ruggedly recognizable and can handle paints and stains very well. The low-quality pines found in the home may swell or warp.

Birch Wood

Birch is a widely used and fairly affordable hardwood. Birch trees can often be found throughout the eastern U.S., especially the Northeast. They grow to 80 feet high but usually have thin trunks. There are widespread variants of Birch Wood like White Birch, Yellow Birch, and Black Birch. Birchwood is generally smooth and tightly grained and gives the appearance relatively consistent. There are different shades of white and yellow birch. The wood has strong, tough, and strong characteristics, which respond well to woodworking. When dried, it often shrinks slightly.

Firth Wood

Douglas-fir is a hard and strong wood that originates from a similar species. Douglas Fir trees are extremely tall, reaching heights from 200 up to 300 ft when left for themselves. The hardwoods are rot and insect-resistant but are not nearly as strong as Cedars. Douglas firs have quite pronounced grain and usually runs fairly straight. Its reddish-tan color makes it less likely to absorb all the stains at once. Because the wood has its grain patterns and density and is a strong wood, nails pressed in Douglas fir generally remain on the wood. A little less expensive.

Ashton Wood

Ash is a hardwood wood from several trees including white ash, green ash, and blue ash. An ash tree can grow 60 feet and is 81 feet wide at height. Ashwood is light in appearance and can vary from white to gold. some gray marks are typical. The shades resemble maple, though the textures are tougher, like oak in appearance. Ash has a lightweight and has remarkable stiffness. Hardwood also has greater shock sensitivity than many kinds of wood. It stains very nicely. It has the weight–stiffness ratio and is the second most popular product in terms of durability.

Poplar Wood

Poplar wood is created using several types and varieties of poplar. These trees are found throughout the eastern US and produce hardwoods that have long been appreciated as a utilitarian tool for hobbyist and amateur woodworking. Poplar is a light-colored hardwood that resembles creams or browns. The leaves also have streaking grey or green that darkens with age. Poplar grain is straight and uniform, and is soft, and can easily be used with hand tools. Usually, the fuzzy edge is left but fine-sized sandpaper is needed in the end for the desired smooth finish.


Mahogany is a premium hardwood grown throughout Central and Southern America, West Africa, and the Caribbean. Mahogany trees can be extremely tall and reach heights up to 150 meters. In terms of hardwood finishes in elegant designs mahogany has a class for its own even when compared to Cherry. The trees tend to be dark red or brown-red. Its smooth grain is extremely durable. The material is extremely dense and insect-resistant too. A key characteristic of mahogany has been its stability and its ability to resist shrinkage, swelling, and warping.


Cedar is the fragrant, natural rot and insect-resistant hardwood known for being beautiful and durable in its variety. The tree has a wide variety of conifers, and white and red cedar are the most widespread. The white cedars are lighter and weather a nice silvery gray. Red cedars appear amber in appearance and the color develops to dark brown. In any variant, cedars have a sturdy feel but are lightweight and can be used in a range of indoor and outdoor constructions. Red Cedar has more straight-grained skin while white cedar takes the most consistent color.

Maple Wood

Red maple or sugar maple, is one of America’s most common kinds of hardwood trees, although the majority of maple wood comes either from rock or sugar maples. The trees reach 115ft in height and can be as vast as the canopy. The hardwoods produced from a rock maple are quite dense and tough and have a wonderful light color and range from white-yellow to a rich golden hue. The grains are generally tight, and straight, but often show dark brown stripes. There are also curly maples with interesting wavy grains. Both kinds of grain provide a soft and refined texture with an excellent finish.


Cherry trees are good for many different reasons and produce some highly sought-after timber types. The black cherry tree also called the wild black cherry or American cherry, is widely known throughout all of the Midwest and eastern United States and the main commercial producers come mostly from Virginia. Cherry wood ranges from white to pink, and dark red to reddish brown. The grain is straight and tight and gives the wood a uniform texture. Cherry has a smooth surface when stained and sealed, giving an exceptionally luxurious finish.


To conclude, we can say that there are numerous types of wood that we can use in our daily life for different purposes. Each wood has its own role and characteristics that complement our purposes. Whether we use cherry wood, oak wood, balsa wood, cedar wood, walnut wood, or southern yellow pine, we will get benefits out of all these kinds of wood. Some woods are naturally weather-resistant and some have to be treated. Pressure-treated lumber is an option that can be availed with any type of wood. With the given technology we are able to induce desired qualities in lumber so we may use it to its fullest. 

Unaka Forest Products specializes in identifying and providing their customers with the right type of lumber required for their projects. We have high-quality lumber and finished products like wooden pallets that are long-lasting and strong in nature. Contact us and order lumber for your project today! We guarantee our customers the quality and life span of our products.

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