How to Choose the Right Pallet for Your Cargo?

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When you are shipping any kind of cargo, from small to large objects, it is important that you choose the right pallet. There are many varieties of pallets available in the market today and each one has its own purpose. This article will help you understand some of the different kinds of pallets and things to consider before choosing a particular type.

Pallets have been around for hundreds of years and they are one of the most important components in any kind of shipping industry, big or small. But what makes these pallets so special and popular? Its versatility, strength, ease to manufacture and low cost is a vital factor. Pallets are extremely versatile as they can be used to carry a variety of cargoes, making shipping economical. There is no need to acquire a new pallet each time you have to ship different kinds of cargo as they can be used to carry all types of products.

Different Shapes of the Pallets

Pallets come in different sizes and shape like standard pallets which are 48 inches by 40 inches or 58 by 48 inches. These are the most commonly used pallets and they can be found in almost any warehouse, shipping yard, or retail store. There are also platform-type carriages that can be placed on top of trucks for hauling goods over long distances.

Pallets come with steel frames to make them more stable and strong. Wood is the main material used to make pallets and some manufacturers use steel trusses to provide strength to the pallet. The wood used is usually made from pine, fir, or redwood as these woods are easily available in almost all parts of the world.

Different Types of Pallets

Pallets can be divided into two types: first-use and returnable. First-use pallets cannot be recycled and the pallets are often used for single use only. These are not safe to re-use since they can be contaminated by diseases or chemicals that may have been on them when shipped the first time.

Returnable pallets, however, can be recycled and reused over and over again. They are specially designed with locking systems that keep them stable during transit. This type of pallet is almost always made from wood and they are more expensive than the first-use variety.

Safety Considerations When Using a Wooden Pallet

Since a lot of pallets have nails sticking out, it is advisable that you wear protective shoes when walking around them to avoid injuries caused by puncture wounds. You can also use pallet mats for easy maneuvering.

You should also be careful of using damaged or broken pallets as they may become hazardous to workers around them and other people who may come in contact with this kind of cargo.


It all depends on your cargo when choosing a particular pallet. Before shipping cargo with wooden pallets, it is advisable that you check whether there are any harmful chemicals or microorganisms in your products that can harm the pallet when shipped together.

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