How to Prevent Mold on Pallets?

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How to Prevent Mold on Pallets?

Wood pallets can provide a cost-efficient way to store a lot during transport. However, mold is an enemy of wood. Molds are likely growing and contaminating wood pallets under improper circumstances. Mold does not affect the integrity of a wooden piece but does cause damage to the shippers. The chemicals may damage the product contained within the affected package and cause respiratory problems to the person who was exposed to it. It not only feeds on wood, but it also feeds on many different things. So, how to prevent mold on pallets? Keep reading this blog to learn important facts about wooden pallets.

What is not apparent may cause serious damage. Unfortunately, mold spores may soon colonize surfaces if temperatures rise during spring. Mold may spread through empty wood or pallets in days and can contaminate materials and machinery. In addition to the safety of workers, it is possible to compromise sensitive products or services.

How to Identify Mold?

Sometimes wood boxes can have discolorations and appear to be pallet mold. These sorts of discolorations are biologically occurring. It may involve brown or iron stains, discoloration caused due to sun exposure, or natural enzyme or metal stains.

Iron stain: A very popular black stain found on wood that occurs when an elemental iron chemical reaction is created on the wood. It happens most of the time when wood touches metal (such as nails, screws, and fasteners). A blade of wood can leave iron staining.

Not All Wood Discoloration Is a Concern

When you reject pallets for mold, be sure that there is some coloration on them. By understanding the many different kinds of staining found on wood and its components, you can reduce waste time and potentially disrupt the supply chain. Bluestein produces black coloration but has no harmful effects on humans. Among the possible sources for non-toxic discolorations present in pallets are iron and zebra stains and natural weathering, among others.

What Mold Does to The Wood

Mold is a mushroom that grows from multicellular filaments called “hypha”. Molds are essential for degrading wood and other plants. However, they can be even more dangerous if rooted on a pallet or unattended surfaces.

To colonize a surface mold must use a combination of oxygen and sufficient temperatures. Mold can be controlled by removing moisture from a wooden pallet or flooring. Hardwoods should maintain a water content of a minimum of 19%.

What You Should Be Mindful Of

Mold is a fungus that grows on multicellular filaments. Mold spores can be found all around us and can colonize the wood surface with a moisture content above 19 percent. Molds can produce pigment spores on pallet wood surfaces. They may have different colors but some are hidden. Food and pharmaceutical companies have a high demand for mold-free packaging. Mold has been mainly influenced by spores.

Mold Prevention Tips

Mold prevention begins when a mold is properly identified. This is the most important ingredient. The variable that controls its growth most efficiently is water. By controlling the humidity of pallets, you can avoid mold problems. Here are some tips to incorporate to get rid of mold to avoid it:

Store Pallets in a Dry, Well-Lit, and Ventilated Place

Do not store pallet items in an obscure corner. Find a dry area with adequate ventilation. For the stringed pallet, put space at the bottom of the stack to provide good airflow. The openings should also be oriented towards the airflow direction. A pallet stack elevated 6 or 8 feet above the floor can keep pallets away from muddy places.

Keep Stock Fresh and Remove Moldy Material

Experts advise against storing damp lumber in solid piled piles for at least two hours in warm environments. Give a clean airflow that will help accelerate the drying of the surface. Such a wood product increases the chances that fungi will spread into newly milled materials.

Unload Pallets Quickly and Protect Them From the Elements

Pallet users can see pallet trailers as incubators for them. While logistics professionals usually use trailers for temporary storage, storing pallets in trailers during warmer days can be incredibly dangerous. Moreover, keep pallets away from dry places. The pallet should be dry when it gets wet.

Pressure Wash the Pallet

Pressure washing pallets removes visible mold making your pallets much more pleasing. Use bleach to clean the mold from the wood package and remove it permanently. Certain customers sometimes restrict the use of chemical substances, even bleach. Never underestimate the power of a pressure washer. You must eliminate the mold to prevent it from growing any further.

Don’t Let Your Pallets Sit in The Rain

Even brief contact with water can cause issues. Free water may only be present on the wood’s surface for a little time, but it may only take a few days for a fungus to germinate, grow inside the wood, and release spores onto the surface, according to one study. By then, the wood may already be dry, but the harm has already been done.

Make Sure The Airflow Is Right

Leave room between the rows of pallet stacks, and position pallet apertures toward the airflow. Because stringers operate as an obstruction to airflow, this strategy is particularly crucial when stringer pallets are placed side by side. Experts claim that air velocity as low as a few feet per second can prevent the growth of mold. Raising pallet stacks 6 to 8 inches from the ground also helps prevent contact with any standing water.

Know The Difference Between a Stain and a Mold

It’s possible that mold isn’t even your issue. Consider Bluestein, which discolors the wood in a bluish or greyish manner. Blue stain is not linked to any performance or health difficulties in people. Lightly rub the damaged area of the wood to see if you have Blustain or mold. A recent NWPCA brochure claims that blue dye penetrates deeply into the wood and cannot be removed, in contrast to mold, which forms on the surface and may be brushed off or smeared. The pamphlet goes into further detail about natural flaws, including blue and iron stains.

Consider Chemical Treatment

To best fulfill the requirements of your application, a variety of EPA-registered substances can be combined with FDA-authorized or exempted ingredients. For more information, check with your pallet provider.


In conclusion, buying dry pallets from a reputable pallet supplier is the best method to guarantee mold-free pallets. You should also take precautions when unloading and storing pallets to keep them dry and well-ventilated, especially when warmer spring days begin. Recognize the distinction between a stain and a mold, and consider a chemical treatment if permitted. By putting these fundamental procedures into effect, you may significantly increase the likelihood that the pallets in your supply chain won’t have any issues. Despite valiant attempts to keep pallets dry in warm weather, mold nevertheless develops when pallets are exposed to the right amount of heat and moisture regularly. Small localized wet spots can supply the necessary ingredients for mold to grow even if you keep the moisture content of your pallets below 19%. Suppliers of lumber and pallets have used chemical treatments¬†to enhance mold prevention. To best fulfill the requirements of your application, a variety of EPA-registered substances can be combined with FDA-authorized or exempted ingredients. For more information, check with your pallet provider.

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