How Wooden Pallets Improve Warehouse Efficiency

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How Wooden Pallets Improve Warehouse Efficiency

Warehouses that are used for storage generally have high ceilings and a lot of floor space. To optimize the storage space, it is ideal for stacking goods vertically. This allows for reducing storage efforts and improving warehouse efficiency.

Wood pallets are used to fill the vertical space in a warehouse as they are much more durable in form and structure and also easy to move around. You will often find forklifts in a warehouse. Those are used to transport those wooden pallets from one place to another. Since the wooden pallets used in warehouses are capable of withstanding higher loads of weight, it becomes very easy to accommodate storage for heavy objects.

Stackable Pallets

Using pallets and racks can enhance your warehouse’s efficiency in terms of storage. Forklifts and stackable pallets are the heart and soul of warehouse storage efficiency. It is quite surprising how a skilled forklift driver can move one stack of heavily weighted objects from one place to another in a matter of a few minutes.

Stackable pallets are a must-have for any warehouse. If you haven’t been using forklifts and stackable pallets in your warehouse, then now would be the right time to incorporate them into your storage process. It makes the tasks way easier and can help save a lot of time.

Types of Wooden Pallets

Wooden pallets are available in numerous types. All types have a serving purpose that makes them useful to some warehouse layouts. Having a variety of types of wooden pallets to choose from, allows the warehouse owners to be specific about their dimensions and requirements when purchasing pallets. Here are some of the types of wooden pallets based on dimensions, materials used to make them, and entry points:

Dimension Based Pallets

Each warehouse has different dimensions; to accommodate those differences, wooden pallets come in two commonly available sizes.

Euro Pallet

A Euro Pallet has a measurement of 1200x800mm in width and breadth. The reason behind being called the “Euro” Pallet is that the vehicles used to transport these pallets are of similar dimensions. These pallets can bear over 1500Kgs loads with a weight of 25Kgs.

American Pallet

An American Pallet has a measurement of 1200x1000mm in width and breadth. This type of pallet can withhold the maximum load of 6000Kgs and not more than that.

Based on Entry Points

The entry points given in a wooden pallet are for the forklift to insert its forks and be able to lift them. These entry points are a highly sensitive part of the pallets as they have to be designed to offer stability and durability.

2 Entry Points

A wooden pallet with 2 entry points is generally much more durable and solid as there are not many openings. Heavy weight can be loaded on such pallets and not disrupt the stability. This kind of pallet is used for heavy weighted objects.

4 Entry Points

A 4-entry point wooden pallet is considered to be not as durable as a 2-entry point pallet. This is because since it has more openings, it also has more weak links in its structure. Hence, such pallets are used to store relatively light weighted objects.

Benefits of Using Wooden Pallets in Your Warehouse

After reading about how usefully pallets can be used, several benefits come to one’s mind. The area covered by the warehouse floor can be consumed productively using wooden pallets as they come in different sizes.

Using the Vertical Space

As mentioned earlier, warehouses generally have high ceilings that would go to waste if not optimized. The reason behind keeping the roofs of the warehouse high is to accommodate more space. Companies pack their products in a very practical way, making it super easy for the transporting companies to move them around. Using wooden pallets can be beneficial in stacking systematically arranged products over each other. If similar-sized pallets are stacked on top of each other, then how much space a single wooden stack consumes is of no importance. The size of the pallets does not affect the stackability. You can make the most out of your ceiling space this way.

Quick Loading and Unloading

One of the biggest benefits of having wooden stacks in your warehouse is that it offers minimum time-consuming efforts. The openings for forklifts provided in wooden pallets play a huge role in their transportation. If your warehouse has a powerful forklift then as many as a triple-stacked wooden pallet can be moved within a matter of minutes. One of the biggest benefits of having wooden stacks in your warehouse is that it offers minimum time-consuming efforts.

Lesser Labor Requirements

The more your warehouse will be operated with the help of pallets and forklifts, the lesser you will require a labor force. Once the packages are packed into practical packaging, they can be easily transported with the help of a forklift that a single person operates. You will only have to hire as many employees as the number of your forklifts and how much area your warehouse covers.

Least Risk of Damage to Goods

Wooden pallets have a very safe structure that makes them strong and durable. So, if your goods are stored on top of wooden pallets, then it is very unlikely to cause damage to any goods in the process of transporting them unless there is some technical fault on the part of the person operating the forklift. Larger pallet racks are strapping and allow easier access to forklifts.

Proven to be Good for Perishable Goods

Perishable items like fruits and vegetables can be safely stored on pallets. The open design of wooden pallets offers a flow of air that keeps perishable items fresh. Treated wooden pallets are temperature-wise much more convenient than plastic or metal pallets. The wood used in pallets does not get hot or cold instead, it maintains its temperature. Painting your wooden pallets can help in ensuring safety in transportation of goods.

Should You Get Wooden Pallets for Your Warehouse Storage?

For a good workstation development, your storage department must be equipped with wooden pallets. A company with a warehouse facility should consider purchasing wooden pallets to store goods. Many warehouses have the most high-quality equipment, ensuring easy logistics and storage of goods. The productivity level of storage can rise after incorporating the use of wooden pallets in your warehouse.

The biggest advantage of using wooden pallets in your warehouse for storage is that the least space can be optimized by stacking. Other strategies can be used to enhance your warehouse efficiency. These strategies can include efficient pallet storage techniques. Just make sure you have a good way of moving items that are stored high up on your walls, a warehouse mezzanine may be a good solution to providing easier access to vertically stored inventory, but you can also consider larger pallet racks to support your storage needs in these efforts.

How to Identify Good Quality Wooden Pallets?

The first thing you need to notice when purchasing wooden pallets is the quality of the wood. Sometimes the quality of wood is good, but due to spillage of liquids like oils can make the wood weak and lose its durability. Another thing you should be mindful of is the nails used. The appropriate size of nails should be used in a wooden pallet. Check for mold and any sort of wear-outs in the wood and joints. The wooden pallets you are considering buying should have no weak links and should be well-made around their entry points.


To conclude, we can say that using wooden pallets is a good option since it’s much safer and cheaper than metal or plastic ones. They can be altered in size as well according to your requirements. Wooden pallets are also highly durable and can be trusted with holding heavy loads. If you are looking for wooden pallets for your warehouse, then you should consider all the points mentioned. Purchasing from a well-reputable pallet company should be your prior effort. Companies that are solely devoted to the production of wooden pallets will provide you with great quality ones.

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