The Difference Between Pallet and Container

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The pallet industry is a multi-billion dollar business that has been around for decades. Pallets are used in many different industries, from food to retail. But what does a pallet company do? This blog post will explore the history of the pallet industry and explain how it can benefit your business.

Pallets are used to transport a wide range of items. There is no limit on what type of product can be transported, but some pallet types have become more popular with certain industries than others. The three main categories for pallets include wood, plastic, and metal.

What is a pallet company and what do they do?

A pallet company is a business that provides and rents out wooden, plastic, or metal pallets to other companies. A standard industry-grade pallet will typically last between six months and two years depending on what it’s used for. Most of the time these types of businesses specialize in one type of material due to the wear caused by each type of product.

Pallets are used in many different industries, and for good reason. In the food industry, they help keep products from becoming damaged by outside elements such as water or sunlight exposure during transport.

The history of the pallet industry

Pallets were first used in the early 1900s for coal transport. However, they were not made from wood at this time and instead consisted of steel or metal. The term “pallet” was coined in 1916 by an American engineer named William Ward.

Pallets are now a standard part of the moving industry and have been around since their invention over 100 years ago. Many companies in the moving industry now offer pallet services, making them readily available to a variety of businesses and organizations.

As technology has advanced over the last century, it’s been transformed into something that can benefit all types of industries around the world. Pallets are no exception to this rule due to their use in so many different markets. A pallet company is an excellent resource for businesses that need to transport goods on a regular basis and want their product to arrive in pristine condition every time.

Pallets in other industries

Plastic pallets are ideal for the healthcare industry because they can be easily sanitized and decontaminated between uses. In addition, plastic is one of the most recyclable materials available today so it’s much easier to dispose of them than other types like wood or metal.

Most businesses that use pallets in their day-to-day operations have specific needs that must be met. A pallet company can provide the materials necessary to keep your business from having any problems with transporting and storing products.

How does a pallet company benefit my business?

There are several ways in which a pallet company benefits your business, including:

  • Preventing product damage
  • Creating a more efficient process
  • Reducing the cost of shipping and storage
  • Easier disposal when it’s time to retire your pallets

A typical industry-grade wooden or plastic pallet will typically last between six months and two years. A standard metal one can go even longer without showing signs of wear, making them ideal for heavy-duty use.

Why are wood pallets better than plastic or metal ones?

Wood pallets are the most popular type of pallet because they can be easily repaired and customized to fit your specific needs. They’re also more affordable than metal or plastic, which is beneficial for any business that has a limited budget when it comes to transporting their goods.

A company’s use of a wooden pallet will depend on what type of product they’re moving. For industrial goods, a grocery store, or other materials that can be damaged by water exposure like food and pharmaceuticals then you’ll want to use at least an industry-grade wooden pallet for your needs.


Pallet companies are essential to any business that ships or moves products on a regular basis. A standard industry-grade pallet will typically last between six months and two years, which can save your company money in the long run when it comes to transportation costs.

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