The Most Common Wood Species For Pallets

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Wooden pallets have been around for centuries and have been used for everything from transportation to storage. There are many different types of wood that can be used for pallets, but some are more common than others.

The type of wood used depends upon the intended purpose of the pallet, as well as the geographical region where it will be used.

What are Wooden Pallets?

Before we talk about “The most common species of wooden pallets.” Let’s talk about what pallets are in the first place. 

Pallets are frames that are made to store and lift goods. They are hard and stable frames that can bear a lot of weight, as they are made to serve this particular purpose. You may have seen them in big stores or warehouses where they are either stacked or loaded with goods. They are moved by forklifts. They are made in a specific structure that allows forklifts to lift them up easily.

Common Uses of Pallets

Pallets are used in storing and moving goods. It is the primary method used by warehouses and businesses to move their products. They are also a great way to store goods and materials.

There are various types of pallets available in the market, each made of different materials.


Many companies use wood pallets because they are strong and can carry a lot of weight. They are also easy to find and relatively cheap.


Some businesses use plastic or metal pallets because they are easier to clean and don’t harbor as much bacteria as wood pallets. However, these materials can be more expensive than wood.

The Most Common

Wooden or Plastic Pallets?

This is a huge debate in the pallet industry as to which is better. There are pros and cons to each type of pallet. It really depends on the intended use of the pallet and the preferences of the company using them.

For example, some companies might prefer wooden pallets because they are more affordable. Others might prefer plastic pallets because they are easier to clean and don’t harbor as much bacteria.

There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to choosing between wooden or plastic pallets. It really depends on the needs of the company using them. But in recent times, with the carbon footprint of the world being a huge concern, plastic pallets are slowly becoming obsolete as companies are trying to find more sustainable options.

Wooden pallets are the most common type of pallets used today. They are strong, easy to find, and relatively affordable. Companies can also recycle or upcycle wooden pallets when they are no longer needed, which makes them a more sustainable option than plastic pallets.

The Most Common Wood Species for Wooden Pallets:

Coming to the main point of discussion, the most common wood species are Hardwood and Softwood.


Hardwoods are the wood species that are categorized as hardwoods not because they are hard. While in fact, as compared to softwoods, they are harder. But still, it is not the reason for their characterization, this characterization is based on the type of tree they come from. Hardwoods are the woods that come from the dicot trees.

While in the case of softwoods, Softwoods are the woods that come from gymnosperm trees.

The most common wood species in this regard are Oak, Ash, and Hickory.


Oak is hardwood. It is strong, durable, and resistant to any unfavorable conditions. They are very much reliable. The pallets made up of Oakwood are hard and strong. This is best for businesses dealing with hard, bulky, and heavy items. These businesses need something that is hard enough to bear the most possible weight. These businesses cannot bear the breaking of any pallets while loading. 

Oak woods are comparatively costly and also a bit heavy in weight.


Ash wood is also a type of hardwood, yet they are still a little different from Oak woods. In terms of characteristics, both are much different from each other. They are light-colored. They usually come in beige or light brown color. Which gives them a very different look as compared to other types of hardwood. They are aesthetically pleasing, for which it makes little sense for them to be used in stores that are rich in aesthetics, which can be clothing brands etc.

When businesses of these kinds would have even pallets that are not off to the vibe, it would be much more pleasing to the eyes. It also absorbs stains and is considered one of the most durable woods as it is a part of the hardwood family.


In comparison with Ash, Hickory is not that aesthetically pleasing but still, it is one of the most common wood species for pallets. 

 It is the most durable wood. It is said to bear almost anything on this earth. Whether it is weather conditions or load or earthquakes. It can survive almost any hardships. It is Strong and rusty in appearance. Which makes it useful in extreme and tough kinds of situations. It is in that sense, muchly more favorable for the businesses that deal with the heaviest of the items, which can be construction businesses.


In the case of softwood, the most common species are; Pine and Fir.

Pine Pallets:

Pine is the most popular example of softwood. They are one of the most common wood species for pallets as they are stiff and shock resistant. So, any businesses that would be dealing with lightweight products can use them for pallets. But one may ask this question if one can buy hardwoods that can bear almost any type of weight, why would anyone buy pine or any other softwood?

This question is purely legitimate but pine is less costly and hardwoods especially oak are very costly. So, if it is not a compulsion for a business to use hardwood pallets why not use softwood pallets that can perform similar tasks without spending more. 

Pine is also a light color which means it does not look rusty. It is flexible as compared to hardwood which makes it shock resistant and ultimately a good choice for pallets to lift more lightweight items at a time.


It is also a type of softwood. It resists natural elements such as; winds, storms, and earthquakes. It is shock resistant, flexible, and durable.

As it is a softwood it can easily get damaged. It is soft and can bear weight only to a certain limit beyond which it will break for sure. It is commonly used in construction projects.

How to Decide as a Business?

As it is mentioned every type of wood has certain advantages and disadvantages as well. This means a certain type of wood can be useful in certain businesses but at the same time not worthy enough in any other kind of business. So, any business while deciding should check their needs, demands, and circumstances as well. They should check which type of wood will suit their demands. In that sense, it would become much easier to decide.

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