What Do The Colors On Pallets Mean?

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Pallets are now usually treated with heat and/or pressure to improve their durability and prolong their life span. This is especially important when these  pallets are being used for packing goods that will be shipped overseas or long distances since treated wood withstands the weather much better than untreated wood does.

However, it is not always a good idea to use only heat-treated wooden pallets as they may emit toxic fumes if burned. It is always a good idea to use heat-treated pallets for building temporary structures like storage sheds as well.

They are also very useful in places where there have been outbreaks of fire, especially when used around the house but it is important that they be stacked away from other combustible materials and waste paper should be stored in sealed plastic bags and not be left lying around.

How to identify a treated or untreated wooden pallet?

When looking at a wooden pallet and checking whether it has been heat-treated or not, the best way to do so is by looking for resin pockets that are visible on both sides of every board. In untreated wood, these will be brownish in color while they will appear green when the wood is treated with pressure.

The presence of resin pockets is also another way to identify a heat-treated wood as all the other boards will have these.

Benefits of using treated wood for your projects

There  are many benefits of using treated wood for your projects and some of them are:

-Treated wood is water-resistant which means it will not rot easily

-It can handle severe weather conditions like rain, humidity, or even snow

-They have a longer lifespan than untreated wooden pallets.

Treated pallets are great for building structures like temporary storage sheds, but they should never be used to store combustible materials or waste paper.

The dangers of untreated wooden pallets

Untreated wooden pallets can cause insect infestations because they are prone to mold and rotting. The best way to make sure that pallets are safe for use is by making sure that the wood has been processed in a plant with an approved HACCP certification.

Why you should always use treated wooden pallets when shipping overseas

Wooden pallets are used worldwide for the purpose of transporting goods and they are usually made out of pine or spruce wood. However, before using them it is important to make sure that they have been heat-treated as this will not only prolong their life span but also protect the packaged items from damage caused by water or insects. They are also safe for the environment so using them for shipping is a good idea.

It is also important to check whether the wooden pallets have a stamp or label on them that confirms they are heat-treated.

The side effects of using untreated wooden pallets when shipping overseas

Some countries require wood packaging materials to be treated in order for it to ensure safety and prevent damage during transportation, but not all types of woods can be heat-treated.

Sometimes untreated pallets can carry bacteria, mold, or fungus when shipped overseas that can make people sick so it is important to never use untreated wooden pallets when shipping overseas. If the pallet condition gets too much worse, it should be disposed.

Final Verdict

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