What You Need to Know About Buying Wooden Pallets

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Pallet purchases are a critical process in any logistics chain. Not every pallet is the same, so you need to ensure you get the right ones for your business needs whether it’s storage or transportation. While there are many different types of pallets, wooden pallets are the most popular as they offer an excellent combination of weight and durability for an affordable price. Below are some important things to know to ensure you purchase the right wooden pallets for your needs.

1.  Should You Buy New or Used Wooden Pallets?
The first consideration to make before buying wooden pallets is whether to get new or used ones. While new treated pallets are built from scratch using fresh timber, used pallets can be recycled, remanufactured, or combo pallets.
If you want to help conserve the environment and reduce your company’s carbon footprint, used pallets are an excellent option. Also, timber supply or shortages doesn’t affect the production of used wooden pallets, so you can easily find them. Used pallets are also usually less expensive than new ones of a similar design.

2. What are the Advantages of Buying Wooden Pallets?

Understanding the benefits of wooden pallets before buying will help you make the right decision. Besides being reusable and recyclable, wooden pallets are also biodegradable.

If you purchase pallets made of hardwood, you can rest assured that you’ll use them for several years in your business. Additionally, you can repair, reuse, and paint broken wooden pallets. These pallets are also much more affordable compared to other types.

3. What are the Different Types of Wooden Pallets?
You can choose from two primary types of wooden pallets: block pallets and stringer pallets. Both styles feature deck boards and stringers. Deck boards refer to the pieces of wood on the pallet’s top part, and stringers are pieces of wood that separate the deck boards from the pallet’s base.
Stringer pallets are ideal for lighter loads, and you load them by putting the forklifts under the pallet’s deck boards. On the other hand, block pallets are suitable for heavier loads, and you lift them by sliding the forklift into the stringers.
Stringer pallets are also referred to as two-way pallets since they allow for forklift loading access on two sides. For block sides, you can access them on all four sides, hence the name four-way pallets.

4. What Pallet Size Do You Need?
Once you understand the different types of wooden pallets, you need to determine what dimensions you’ll need. The standard size for wooden pallets is 48×40 and is the most commonly used pallet size. However, you can find several other smaller and larger sizes on the market, depending on your business needs.
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